Anti-Exonuclease 1/EXO1 Picoband™ Antibody

SKU A00536-2
Size 100μg/vial
Reactivity Human
Clonality Polyclonal
Host Rabbit
Applications ELISA, Flow Cytometry, WB


Product Name Anti-Exonuclease 1/EXO1 Picoband™ Antibody
SKU/Catalog Number A00536-2
Storage & Handling At -20°C for one year. After reconstitution, at 4°C for one month. It can also be aliquotted and stored frozen at -20°C for a longer time. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing.
Size 100μg/vial
Description Rabbit IgG polyclonal antibody for Exonuclease 1/EXO1 detection. Tested with WB, FCM, Direct ELISA in Human.
Cite This Product Anti-Exonuclease 1/EXO1 Picoband™ Antibody (Boster Biological Technology, Pleasanton CA, USA, Catalog # A00536-2)
Host Rabbit
Contents/Buffer Each vial contains 4mg Trehalose, 0.9mg NaCl, 0.2mg Na2HPO4, 0.05mg NaN3.
Form Lyophilized
Immunogen E.coli-derived human Exonuclease 1/EXO1 recombinant protein (Position: M1-K294).
Reactivity Human

Assay Details

Assay Dilutions Overview

Concentration: Add 0.2ml of distilled water will yield a concentration of 500ug/ml.
Western blot, 0.25-0.5μg/ml, Human
Flow Cytometry, 1-3μg/1x106 cells, Human
Direct ELISA, 0.1-0.5μg/ml, Human

Boster's Secondary Antibodies And IHC, WB Kits

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Boster recommends Enhanced Chemiluminescent Kit with anti-Rabbit IgG (EK1002) for Western blot.

Images And Assay Conditions

Figure 2. Flow Cytometry analysis of 293T cells using anti-EXO1 antibody (A00536-2).
Overlay histogram showing 293T cells stained with A00536-2 (Blue line).The cells were blocked with 10% normal goat serum. And then incubated with rabbit anti-EXO1 Antibody (A00536-2,1μg/1x106 cells) for 30 min at 20°C. DyLight®488 conjugated goat anti-rabbit IgG (BA1127, 5-10μg/1x106 cells) was used as secondary antibody for 30 minutes at 20°C. Isotype control antibody (Green line) was rabbit IgG (1μg/1x106) used under the same conditions. Unlabelled sample (Red line) was also used as a control.

Figure 1. Western blot analysis of EXO1 using anti-EXO1 antibody (A00536-2).
Electrophoresis was performed on a 5-20% SDS-PAGE gel at 70V (Stacking gel) / 90V (Resolving gel) for 2-3 hours. The sample well of each lane was loaded with 50ug of sample under reducing conditions.
Lane 1: human placenta tissue lysates,
Lane 2: human K562 whole cell lysates,
Lane 3: human MDA-MB-453 whole cell lysates,
Lane 4: human PC-3 whole cell lysates,
Lane 5: human PANC-1 whole cell lysates,
Lane 6: human HEK293 whole cell lysates,
Lane 7: human U2OS whole cell lysates.
After Electrophoresis, proteins were transferred to a Nitrocellulose membrane at 150mA for 50-90 minutes. Blocked the membrane with 5% Non-fat Milk/ TBS for 1.5 hour at RT. The membrane was incubated with rabbit anti-EXO1 antigen affinity purified polyclonal antibody (Catalog # A00536-2) at 0.5 μg/mL overnight at 4°C, then washed with TBS-0.1%Tween 3 times with 5 minutes each and probed with a goat anti-rabbit IgG-HRP secondary antibody at a dilution of 1:10000 for 1.5 hour at RT. The signal is developed using an Enhanced Chemiluminescent detection (ECL) kit (Catalog # EK1002) with Tanon 5200 system. A specific band was detected for EXO1 at approximately 115KD. The expected band size for EXO1 is at 94KD.

Target Info

Protein Target Info (Source:

Uniprot Id Q9UQ84
Gene Name EXO1
Protein Name exonuclease 1
Tissue Specificity Highly expressed in bone marrow, testis and thymus. Expressed at lower levels in colon, lymph nodes, ovary, placenta, prostate, small intestine, spleen and stomach.
Alternative Names Exodeoxyribonuclease 1; Exodeoxyribonuclease I; EXO I; Exonuclease I; Protein DHS1; EXO1; DHS1; YOR033C; OR26.23

*if product is indicated to react with multiple species, protein info is based on the human gene.


Protein Function 5'->3' double-stranded DNA exonuclease which may also possess a cryptic 3'->5' double-stranded DNA exonuclease activity. Functions in DNA mismatch repair (MMR) to excise mismatch-containing DNA tracts directed by strand breaks located either 5' or 3' to the mismatch. Also exhibits endonuclease activity against 5'-overhanging flap structures similar to those generated by displacement synthesis when DNA polymerase encounters the 5'-end of a downstream Okazaki fragment. Required for somatic hypermutation (SHM) and class switch recombination (CSR) of immunoglobulin genes. Essential for male and female meiosis.
Research Areas Human

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Background Exonuclease 1 is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the EXO1 gene. It is mapped to 1q43. This gene encodes a protein with 5' to 3' exonuclease activity as well as an RNase H activity. It is similar to the Saccharomyces cerevisiae protein Exo1 which interacts with Msh2 and which is involved in mismatch repair and recombination. Alternative splicing of this gene results in three transcript variants encoding two different isoforms.

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Rabbit IgG polyclonal antibody for Exonuclease 1/EXO1 detection. Tested with WB, FCM, Direct ELISA in Human.
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