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SKU AR0157
Pack size 50ml, enough for 1-5g of bacteria cells
Applications Bacterial Protein Extraction
Description Lyse bacterial cell and extract recombination protein. Easy and fast operation.


Boster's Bacterial Protein Extraction Kit features:

  • 1. Small scale, simple, reagent based no need for physical, heating procedures. No need for special equipment.
  • 2. Compatible with cultured cells and tissues.
  • 3. Compatible with WB, SDS-page, IP and BCA/protein assays.
  • 4. Procedure takes less than one hour, simple and fast.
  • 5. Low cross contamination < 10%


Product Name Bacterial Protein Extraction Kit
Description Bacterial Protein Extraction kit uses a mild detergent for protein extraction from bacteria cells, allowing maximal protein solubilization and minimal interference with protein biological activity enabling direct use in downstream analysis.
Application Immunoassays: WB, ELISA, RIA, immunoprecipitation; reporter assays; protein kinase assays; protein purifications; folding studies; chromatographic studies; DNA-protein interaction assays
Pack Size 50ml, enough for 1-5g of bacteria cells
Reagent Type detergent solution, cell lysis buffer


Product Type Ready to use
Form Supplied Solution
Physical State Liquid
Pack Size 50ml
Reactivity/severeness Bland, minimal amount of detergent, detergent is dialyzable
Enzymatic Activity None; use additives to add function
Additional components compatibility Compatible with additives, e.g. protease inhibitors (PMSF), reducing agents, chelating agents, salts
Downstream methods compatibility Compatible with standard protein detection methods; immunoassays; enzyme assays; common reporter assays
Storage Store at 4˚C for one year


Check datasheet for details:

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Bacterial Protein Extraction Reagent
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Customer Q&As

Q: Can your Bacterial Cell Protein Extraction Reagent be used for gram positive cells or gram negative cells?
A: The Bacterial Cell Protein Extraction Reagent is a western blot reagent that can used for both gram positive and gram negative cells.