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It can cost as low as $600 to make antibody with Boster Bio, a deal that no one else on the market can offer. Our goal is to let every researcher have access to antibodies for their studies, especially those who work with rare species as model organisms.

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Primary Antibodies

Boster offers high affinity primary antibodies both monoclonal and polyclonal. Boster's primary antibodies are well cited over the past 25+ years have continue to be trusted by the research community. 

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Boster Biological Technology has 25+ years of experience in manufacturing ELISA kits and antibodies. As a trusted ELISA kit company, we proudly offer 1000+ ELISA test kits, covering human, mouse, rat and othres.

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Recombinant Proteins

Boster provides 10,000+ recombinant proteins expressed from E. Coli as well as insect and mammalian cells. Bulk discount available please contact us at [email protected] for more details on our proteins. 

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Boster Services

Custom Antibody

Let us help you make the antibody you need for your research! We offer both monoclonal and polyclonal antibody custom production service. We also feature some impressive discounts if your project fits one of these 3 criteria...

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Protein Expression

Protein expression is a key upstream technology for antibody production. Boster Bio expresses thousands of proteins each year for its own antibody production. Inquire for more information about our protein services. 

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CRO Assay Services

Boster has been service the science community for almost 3 decades focusing on WB, IHC, ELISA, ISH and Flow cytometry. Our technical teams perform hundreds of assays each week. We can do yours too, cost effectively.

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