Picokine™: Performance Guaranteed Best Value ELISA Kit

Boster's Picokine™ MyD88 ELISA Kit provide high sensitivity low background quantitative detection of MYD88. It is an all-in-one ready to use kit with all components you need for performing colorimetric ELISA assay. Our 4-hour ELISA protocol saves you the trouble of coating the plate. Our kits are thoroughly validated and documented for inter and intra assay variability.

*ELISA bulk discount: 20% off for 4+ kits, 30% off for 20+ kits, applicable only to USA and Canada.

Myeloid differentiation primary response gene(88)(MYD88) is a protein that, in humans, is encoded by the MYD88 gene. By interspecific backcross mapping, the mouse MyD88 gene was localized to chromosome 9; the human homolog was mapped to 3p22-p21.3 The human ortholog MYD88 seems to function similarly to mice, however, available evidence suggests that MYD88 is dispensable for human resistance to common viral infections and to all but a few pyogenic bacterial infections, demonstrating a major difference between mouse and human immune responses.

Pack Size:96wells/kit, with removable strips.
Validated Species:Human
Sample Type:cell culture supernates.
Availability: Ships next business day
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