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SKU AR0024
Pack size 3g/pack, for 2L buffer
Form Powder
Applications IHC-P, HIER, PEFF tissues
Description This water-free powder pack allows you to make 2L of Citrate buffer solution with ease.
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Product Name Citrate Buffer Solution
Synonyms Sodium Citrate Buffer, Antigen Retrieval Buffer, Citrate Buffer
Description This water-free powder pack allows you to make 2L of Citrate buffer solution with ease. Citrate buffer solution is an IHC antigen retrieval reagent used in heat induced epitope retrieval (HIER) for recovery of antigens masked by cross-linking during fixation.
Application IHC-P, HIER, PEFF tissues
Pack Size 2000ml/pack


Composition Sodium citrate.H2O
Content 3g C6H8O7.H2, 20g C6H5Na3O7.2H2O
Form Supplied Powder
pH 6
Pack Size 2000ml/pack
Storage Store at room temperature (RT) for one year

Chemical Information

CAS 68-04-2
Molecular Weight 258.07
Molecular Formula C6H5Na3O7
Chemical Sources ChEMBL: ChEMBL1355 
ChemSpider: 5989 
PubChem: 6224

Usage and Handling

See the IHC protocol for more specific usage instructions.

Certain antigens may utilize a combination of retrieval methods. Antigen retrieval may not be required for frozen cross section as cross links are formed during formalin fixation.

Advice: In order to achieve sufficient retrieval or avoid tissue destruction or over digestion, appropriate temperature, pH, buffer concentration, incubation times, and other conditions should be carefully selected for each particular antigen, antibody, or tissue type after preliminary experimentation by the researcher.

Note: All of Boster's products are for scientific laboratory research purposes and are not for diagnostic, therapeutics, prophylactic or in vivo use.

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Citrate Buffer Powder 2L/Pack, For Heat Antigen Retrieval
Chemical structure of Sodium Citrate
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