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DAPI is a blue fluorescent counterstain solution that is effective in cell staining and quantification of DNA content. The fluorescent probe is permeable to the cell and binds to the minor groove of the DNA. The DAPI counterstain solution is compatible with direct or indirect antibody-based detection method. The applications of DAPI counterstain solution include immunofluorescence microscopy, in situ hybridization, flow cytometry, or tissue staining.


Product Name DAPI Counterstaining Solution
SKU/Catalog Number AR1177
Description DAPI is a popular blue fluorescent counterstain solution used to stain DNA and nuclear content in fluorescence microscopy and live cell imaging.
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Pack Size 50ml


Storage Store at -20°C in dark for one year


DAPI counterstaining solution popularly used for nuclear stain fluorescent technique for live cell imaging. It gives blue color to the nucleus, which is prominent in comparison to other counterstaining solutions. The DAPI nuclear counterstain solution is a highly pure form of diamidino-2-phenylindole exclusively used to stain DNA and other nuclear content in cellular imaging technique.

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DAPI Counterstaining Solution
DAPI Counterstaining Solution
NIH-3T3 cells were grown in 96 well plates, fixed with paraformaldehyde and permeabilized. Then incubate with Boster DAPI solution for 5 minutes.
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Q: What is the approximate DAPI concentration in this solution?
A: The concentration is about 1 µg/mL.