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Boster offers free samples for you to pilot test and make sure our antibodies work for your project. Trial size antibodies are typically 20ug, and you can expect 1 week lead time for preparation of your sample products. You will be charged a shipping fee which will be reflected on your quote.

Feedback Required: You will receive a quote for your free samples by email as soon as possible. By redeeming your free sample product quotation, you agree to provide product feedback within 60 days after receiving the sample products. After 60 days, you will receive an invoice with the retail listing prices for the products on the quote. If feedback is received within 30 days thereafter, the invoice will be voided by Boster Biological Technology. Feedback will be in the form of a product review including technical details, results images, and product ratings. You will be contacted with our feedback form and given a total of 90 days to return the form. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for further details.

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If the sample tested positive to your needs, how likely will you be buying the product? What other factors will affect your buying decision besides whether the sample will work for your application?

How much of this product will you need? how much of similar products do you use in your lab?

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