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IHC Troubleshooting: High Background

High background in IHC occurs when the contrast between the antibody stain and the background staining is low, resulting in poor data. Use these tips to identify and troubleshoot the cause of your high background:

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IHC Troubleshooting: Weak Staining

Many conditions affect the outcome of IHC staining. In order to maximize your results, proper identification and troubleshooting of issues is key. Here are some tips to help you improve your IHC staining:

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IHC Troubleshooting: Overstaining

Overstaining can result in washed-out or oversaturated results, reducing the sharpness and clarity of a sample. Follow these suggestions for troubleshooting your overstained IHC experiment:

Keywords: Overstaining, Oversaturated Staining, IHC Troubleshooting

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IHC Non-specific Staining

A variety of issues can arise during the staining step of IHC, such as non-specific staining. Non-specific staining occurs when the primary antibodies bind to proteins other than the target protein. Here are some tips to reduce non-specific binding when using IHC.

Keywords: Non-Specific Staining, High Background, IHC Troubleshooting

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