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Pack Size:1 kit
Application:IHC, ICC
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Product Name HRP Conjugated anti-Rabbit IgG SABC Kit
SKU/Catalog Number SA1022
Description HRP Conjugated anti-Rabbit IgG SABC Kit
Cite This Product HRP Conjugated anti-Rabbit IgG SABC Kit (Boster Biological Technology, Pleasanton CA, USA, Catalog # SA1022)
Host Goat
Application IHC, ICC

*Our Boster Guarantee covers the use of this product in the above tested applications.

Conjugate HRP
Pack Size 1 kit


Clonality Polyclonal
Storage 4°C for one year. Avoid freezing

Kit Components

1. 5% BSA Blocking Reagent: 12 ml, for blocking tissue sections.
2. Biotinylated Secondary Antibody (Goat Anti-rabbit IgG): 12ml (10ug/ml). Affinity purified antibody, labeled with “long-arm” biotin (Biotinamidohexanoic acid N-hydroxysuccinimide ester, CAS# 72040-63-2).
3. SABC-POD (HRP conjugated streptavidin): 12ml (20ug/ml). Manufactured by Boster’s proprietary method, the complex is very stable and offers superior amplification of the antigen signals.

Washing buffer Preparation: Disolve AR0030-E to 1000ml distilled water and adjust pH to 7.2~7.6. Finally, adjust the total volume to 1L.

*Additional components can be purchased. If you need extra of the above components please order them together to avoid additional shipping charges.

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HRP Conjugated anti-Rabbit IgG SABC Kit Images

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HRP Conjugated anti-Rabbit IgG SABC Kit
Apolipoprotein A I was detected in paraffin-embedded sections of rat liver tissues using rabbit anti- Apolipoprotein A I Antigen Affinity purified polyclonal antibody (Catalog # PB9845) at 1 μg/mL. The immunohistochemical section was developed using HRP Conjugated anti-Rabbit IgG SABC Kit (Catalog # SA1022).
HRP Conjugated anti-Rabbit IgG SABC Kit
ZBTB7A was detected in paraffin-embedded sections of rat brain tissues using rabbit anti- ZBTB7A Antigen Affinity purified polyclonal antibody (Catalog # PB9911) at 1 ??g/mL. The immunohistochemical section was developed using HRP Conjugated anti-Rabbit IgG SABC Kit (Catalog # SA1022).
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