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SKU AR0156
Pack size 1 kit, sufficient for 50 assays
Applications Mitochondria Isolation
Description Mitochondria Isolation Kit, Used to isolate the intact and purified mitochondria from animal cells and tissues, and prepare the mitochondria protein of animal tissues and cultured cells.


Boster's Mitochondria Isolation Kit features:

  • 1. Small scale, simple, reagent based no need for physical, heating procedures. No need for special equipment.
  • 2. Compatible with cultured cells and tissues.
  • 3. Compatible with WB, SDS-page, IP and BCA/protein assays.
  • 4. Procedure takes less than one hour, simple and fast.
  • 5. Low cross contamination < 10%


The Mitochondria Isolation Kit enables isolation of intact mitochondria from mammalian cells and fresh tissues. Highly purified mitochondria protein will be subsequently yielded after applying lysis buffer containing protease inhibitor. The kit uses traditional Dounce homogenization and the isolation relies on differential centrifugation to separate the mitochondrial and cytosolic fractions with microcentrifuge. Once isolated, the obtained mitochondria can be used for a number of downstream applications, including SDS-PAGE, IP, Western Blotting, Dimensional Electrophoresis, Co-Immunoprecipitation Analysis and Enzymatic Determination.

Product Name Mitochondria Isolation Kit
Description Mitochondria Isolation Kit is a ready-to-use Western blot related reagent solution used for efficient isolation of mitochondria from animal homogenized animal tissues and cell lysates utilizing a dialyzable mild detergent at low concentration, for maximal protein solubilization and minimal interference with protein biological activity enabling direct use in downstream analysis.
Application Immunoassays: WB, ELISA, RIA, immunoprecipitation; reporter assays; protein kinase assays; protein purifications; folding studies; chromatographic studies; DNA-protein interaction assays
Pack Size 1 kit, enough reagents for 50-100 assays
Reagent Type Universal tissue extraction buffer, detergent solution, cell lysis buffer
Kit Components Mitochondria Isolation Reagent A 100 ml
Mitochondria Isolation Reagent B (Mitochondria lysis buffer) 50 ml
Mitochondria Isolation Reagent C (Trypan Blue Solution) 10ml
PMSF(100mM) 1ml
Usage Separation of Mitochondria from eukaryotic cells


Product Type Ready to use
Form Supplied Solution
Physical State Liquid
Pack Size 1 kit
Reactivity/severeness Bland, minimal amount of detergent, detergent is dialyzable
Enzymatic Activity None; use additives to add function
Additional components compatibility Compatible with additives, e.g. protease inhibitors (PMSF), reducing agents, chelating agents, salts
Downstream methods compatibility Compatible with standard protein detection methods; immunoassays; enzyme assays; common reporter assays
Storage Store at 4˚C for frequent use, at -20˚C for at least one year.


Check datasheet for details:

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Mitochondria Isolation Kit

Integrity of mitochondria extracted from cultured cells

Hela cells were extracted with Boster Mitochondria Isolation Kit using Dounce homogenization. Mitochondrial(Lane 1) and cytosolic fractions( Lane 2) were analyzed via Western blot for Cytochrome C. Results indicate that mitochondria remained intact.

Mitochondria Isolation Kit

Mitochondria Isolation Kit Components

Mitochondria Isolation Reagent A 100 ml
Mitochondria Isolation Reagent B (Mitochondria lysis buffer) 50 ml
Mitochondria Isolation Reagent C (Trypan Blue Solution) 10ml
PMSF(100mM) 1ml

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