Polyclonal Anti-MLH1 Antibody

Pack Size:200μl/vial

Data of Indirect ELISA

Coating concentration of antigen0.1μg/ml 0.1μg/ml0.1μg/ml0.1μg/ml
Working concentration of anti-MLH1 antibody1μg/ml0.1μg/ml0.01μg/ml0.001μg/ml
Working concentration of HRP conjugated goat anti-rabbit IgG (Catalog # AR1054)0.2μg/ml0.2μg/ml0.2μg/ml0.2μg/ml
O.D. values (450nm)2.5902.5682.3690.547
Antibody StatusPass

Data Evaluation Criteria

Coating concentration of antigen0.1μg/ml0.1μg/ml
Working concentration of the primary antibody1μg/ml1μg/ml
Working concentration of HRP conjugated goat anti-rabbit IgG0.2μg/ml0.2μg/ml
O.D. values (450nm)≥ 1.0<1.0
Antibody’s affinity for the antigenStrongWeak
Antibody StatusPassFail
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