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DNA and RNA Extraction and Purification Protocols

The genomic DNA (gDNA) and total RNA are frequently the genetic elements targeted for molecular biology experiments, since these are the main sources of genetic information in an organism. Genomic DNA and total RNA extraction have a straightforward methodology, requiring only cell lysis to accomplish the task.

Keywords: molecular biology techniques, genetic information DNA and RNA purification, sample preparation, PCR applications

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Molecular Cloning: DNA Library Preparation

Library cloning and preparation are fundamental techniques that every molecular biologist should know. See our protocols for step-by-step instructions.

Keywords: cloning protocol, plasmid vector, dna cloning, gene cloning process, bacterial colonies, cloning vector

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PCR and RT-PCR Protocols

Polymerase Chain Reaction is a frequently used technique in molecular biology. Use Boster's protocols for guidelines on how to perform PCR and its variations.

Keywords: PCR steps, polymerase chain reaction, dna polymerase, taq, pcr technique, qpcr, real time pcr, reverse transcriptase

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