SKU AR0139
Size 1 Liter
Form Dry blend powder
Application Tris-glycine gel electrophoresis


Boster's SDS-PAGE Electrophoresis Running Buffer Packs are pouches of dry-blend powder that are each sufficient to make 1 L of standard running buffer for SDS-PAGE (protein polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis). 

Features of SDS Buffer Packs: 
• Tris-glycine-SDS buffer—dissolved in 1 L of water, each pack makes 25 mM/L Tris, 192 mM/L glycine, 0.1% SDS, pH 8.3
• Convenient—dissolve contents of one packet in water and the buffer is ready to use 
• Save time and trouble—no weighing, no pH adjustment, no need to stock individual components, and no need to make and store large volumes of stock solution in advance of daily needs
• Long shelf life—stocking and storage as dry packs eliminates concerns about long-term stability of stock solutions 
• Eliminate variables—our quality control ensures that every pack will yield the same, consistent buffer 

• Running buffer for Tris-glycine gel electrophoresis  

Dry-Blend Packs of Tris-glycine-SDS buffer are easy to use. Simply empty contents of one envelope pack into a beaker, add distilled water and stir to dissolve. The packs eliminate weighing time and tedious pH adjustments. When dissolved in 1 L of water, each pack makes 25 mM Tris, 192 mM glycine, 0.1% SDS, pH 8.3.


  • 1. Pour a packet of SDS-PAGE powder (enough to prepare 1L Electrophoresis Buffer) into clean beaker. 
  • 2. Add distilled water until up to 900 ml, mix to dissolve. Keep the constant volume 1L and mix. 
  • 3. The remaining Eletrophoresis buffer can be stored at room temperature for two weeks.
  • Specifications

    SKU AR0139
    Pack Size 1 liter
    Form White powder (reconstitute with distilled water)
    Buffer Type Running buffer

    Contents and Storage

    • 1 liter (dry blend powder)

    Store at 4℃ in dark for one year.

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