Bosterbio is offering gene-editing services including but not limited to mutagenesis, tagging, and injection.Our service can significantly reduce your experiment design time and can be tailored to different experimental requirements. Contact [email protected] to discuss your project.

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Mutation via CRISPR Gene Editing

Study your gene’s function by deleting, mutating, or replacing endogenous content via CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology.

  • Knockout
  • Point Mutation
  • Precise Deletion
  • Floxed Allele

Tagging via CRISPR Gene Editing

Tag your gene at the endogenous locus via CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology with a fluorescent protein for visualization or with an epitope tag for biochemical studies.

  • Fluorescent Tag
  • Epitope Tag


For C. elegans, express your favorite gene under a specific promoter, make a Cre recombinase line, or a transcriptional reporter. Choices include extrachromosomal array or single-copy insertion via MosSCI technology.

For zebrafish, obtain gene knock-ins (KIs) in zebrafish with expression at random insertion loci via Tol2.


For C. elegans, your plasmids are injected by our skilled injectionsists and returned to you for screening. Injections available for extrachromosomal array, MosSCI, and CRISPR projects.

For zebrafish, we offer customizable CRISPR injection mixes to get you the edit you want along with the support you need to start your project.

Service Packages

We offer a variety of service packages to fit the needs and budget of every lab. Choices range from the fast, affordable Injection Mix to the comprehensive Full Build service package, so you can customize the components you need to accomplish your gene editing goals.

C. elegans

Service Project Steps
Design Reagent Building Injection Mix Preparation Injections Initial Screening Confirmation of Transgenic Line(s) Cryopreservation/Authentication
Full Build
Candidate Lines
Custom Injection Mix
Inject Express (optional)
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Service Delivery Time Content Benefits
Injection Mix 3 weeks minimum Reagents Make genome edits in your lab-specific strains
Verified Clutch 4 months minimum Injected clutch of embryos Expert design and pre-screening on a budget
Full Build 9 months minimum Germline-verified fish Receive animals ready to cross with your strains
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