The most cost-effective custom antibody service on the market

$600 Rare Species Custom Antibody Service

Having trouble finding an antibody? You can have an antibody custom-made for you for merely $600 if you qualify for one of the following:

  • You work with a rare model organism that is not human, mouse or rat.
  • You want to replace a discontinued antibody (from any company).
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The Most Valuable Custom Antibody Service On The Market

The no-brainer deal if you are looking for custom antibodies.

Boster Bio offers a special $600 custom polyclonal antibody production package for customers who need custom antibodies for rare species (zebrafish, C. elegans, drosophila etc.) OR antibodies that have been discontinued by other suppliers. For $600, which is not much more than you would pay for a regular antibody, you can have your custom antibody made.

"A zebrafish specific antibody for cdhr1a that WORKS!"

--PI from University of Kentucky

"This is a very good AB; tested on WB in drosophila only.
The Bottom Line: Recommended Boster antibody production service"

--Research Scientist from University of Colorado

This package includes protein expression

This package includes the gene synthesis and recombinant protein/antigen expression services. These two services alone are worth a lot more than $600 if not for our streamlined antibody design and production processes and economy of scale. All you need to provide is your target sequence and Boster gets to work.

Since 1993, our team has produced over 10,000 rabbit polyclonal antibodies. Our team of experts will provide support for each step of antibody production - from antigen design to final antibody purification. You will be notified when each milestone is achieved. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll make sure you stay informed

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If your research fits one of the following conditions...

Using Rare Species

Custom Antibodies For Rare Species

For years, our customers have complained to us about the difficulty in finding antibodies for “rare” species - Zebrafish, Drosophila, C. elegans, and Yeast, to name a few. These species are by no means rare and millions of scientists base their researches on non-mammalian model organisms. We decided to do something to make it easier for our customers. Now for $600 our customer can access a full suite of high quality custom polyclonal antibody production services tailored for these “rare” species. Contact us today to get your antibody project started.

Discontinued Antibody Replacement

Discontinued Antibody Replacement

If the antibody you’ve been using has been discontinued by the supplier, our team is happy to develop a custom antibody as an alternative so you can avoid disruptions in your research. Send us information about the discontinued antibody and our lab will collaborate with you to develop an antibody that will work as expected. Contact us today to discuss project details. This condition is not limited by "rare species" requirement.


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Custom Antibodies We've Made For Customers

Below are some of our custom antibodies for Zebrafish, Drosophila, Yeast, Frog, and several more.

Custom Antibody SKU Reactivity
Polyclonal Anti-F8 Antibody DZ00367 Zebrafish
Polyclonal Anti-CDHR1a Antibody DZ07988 Zebrafish
Polyclonal Anti-SIAH1 Antibody DZ02095 Zebrafish
Polyclonal Anti-NLZ2/ZNF503 Antibody DZ12892 Zebrafish
Polyclonal Anti-EYS Antibody DZ06950-1 Zebrafish
Polyclonal Anti-VCAM1B Antibody DZ01199-1 Zebrafish
Polyclonal Anti-CROCC2 Antibody DZ41006 Zebrafish
Polyclonal Anti-Mef2 Antibody DZ01398-1 Zebrafish
Polyclonal Anti-Gap cx43.4 Antibody DZ33972 Zebrafish
Polyclonal Anti-Ush2a-like Antibody DZ33954 Zebrafish
Polyclonal Anti-Cheerio/Filamin Antibody DZ00502 Drosophila
Polyclonal Anti-CAS Antibody DZ33927-1 Drosophila
Polyclonal Anti-l(2)efl/CRYAB Antibody DZ33926 Drosophila
Polyclonal Anti-TBPH Antibody DZ33965 Drosophila
Polyclonal Anti-so Antibody DZ33963 Drosophila
Polyclonal Anti-Toy Antibody DZ33962 Drosophila
Polyclonal Anti-Ey Antibody DZ33961 Drosophila
Polyclonal Anti-Lili Antibody DZ33960 Drosophila
Polyclonal Anti-Dsx Antibody DZ33955 Drosophila
Polyclonal Anti-Me31B Antibody DZ33938-1 Drosophila
Polyclonal Anti-Ty1-p18 Antibody DZ33975 Yeast
Polyclonal Anti-ALS7 Antibody DZ33970 Yeast
Polyclonal Anti-RHO1 Antibody DZ33978 Yeast
Polyclonal Anti-SWD3 Antibody DZ33933 Yeast
Polyclonal Anti-SHG1 Antibody DZ33925 Yeast
Polyclonal Anti-UBC2 Antibody DZ33919 Yeast
Polyclonal Anti-BRE2 Antibody DZ33917 Yeast
Polyclonal Anti-LGE1 Antibody DZ33915 Yeast
Polyclonal Anti-ROM1 Antibody DZ07035 Yeast
Polyclonal Anti-SDC1 Antibody DZ00991 Yeast
Polyclonal Anti-SCS2 Antibody DZ33979 Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Polyclonal Anti-AVL9 Antibody DZ14469-1 Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Polyclonal Anti-PILC Antibody DZ33914 Pseudomonas sp.
Polyclonal Anti-PILM Antibody DZ33918 Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Polyclonal Anti-HvCPR5-1 P0413C03.36-1 Antibody DZ33942 Rice
Polyclonal Anti-HvCPR5-2 OJ1079_F11.27 Antibody DZ33928 Rice
Anti-EMB140 Antibody DZ33967 Mouse-ear cress
Polyclonal Anti-UBP7 Antibody DZ33958 Mouse-ear cress
Polyclonal Anti-UBP6 Antibody DZ33944 Mouse-ear cress
Polyclonal Anti-At2g22870 EMB2001 Antibody DZ33935 Mouse-ear cress
Polyclonal Anti-PGK3 Antibody DZ33956 Arabidopsis
Polyclonal Anti-eIF4E GL50803_14482 Antibody DZ00135 Giardia lamblia
Polyclonal Anti-DDX6 GL50803_2098 Antibody DZ03826 Giardia lamblia
Polyclonal Anti-UNC-70 Antibody DZ33971 C. elegans
Polyclonal Anti-AAK-1 Antibody DZ05368 C. elegans
Polyclonal Anti-HIC2 Antibody DZ10161 Frog
Polyclonal Anti-HIC1 Antibody DZ02540 Frog
Polyclonal Anti-Anterior gradient protein 2 Antibody DZ33923 Eastern newt
Polyclonal Anti-Escargot Antibody DZ33977 Yellow fever mosquito
Polyclonal Anti-Prospero Antibody DZ33976 Yellow fever mosquito
Polyclonal Anti-CLIPA7 Antibody DZ33987 African malaria mosquito
Polyclonal Anti-CLIPB17 Antibody DZ33988 African malaria mosquito
Polyclonal Anti-CLIPB14 ser4 Antibody DZ33986 African malaria mosquito
Polyclonal Anti-SPCLIP1 Antibody DZ33985 African malaria mosquito
Polyclonal Anti-SGS4 Antibody DZ33966 African malaria mosquito
Polyclonal Anti-SGS5 Antibody DZ33932 African malaria mosquito
Polyclonal Anti-CLIPB4 Antibody DZ33989-1 African malaria mosquito


Customer questions and our answers.

Q: What do I need to provide to create the antibody? Do you need protein?

A: You do not need to provide antigen/protein. You only need to provide the sequence or the target protein information. The recombinant protein production (normally cost $1000+) is included in the package. If you do not have the sequence picked out, our antibody engineering team will design one for you.

Q: What is the costs for making the IgGs?

A: I am unsure what you mean. I see two ways to interpret your questions so I will answer both: 1. what is the cost for making antibodies 2. what is the cost if you want to ensure the resulting antibodies are IgG isotype. For 1, the cost is $600 all inclusive. For 2, it is the same cost however since this is a polyclonal antibody production service we cannot guarantee all clones are IgG. In our experience 95%+ of the resulting antibodies are IgG, mainly due to repeated immunizations.

Q: How long does it take?

A: 3-4 months. See detailed timeline in the "Contract details" or "timeline details" on this page. You can press ctrl+f then search for "contract details" to find where the link is (it is a big orange button near the top of this page).