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Paraffin Embedded Tissue Price
Single Tissue $80
Tissue Array (30 tissues) $85
Frozen Tissue Price
Single Tissue $90
Tissue Array (30 tissues) $100
ICC/IF Imaging Price
Cell Smear Slide (1 cell type) $90
Imaging Price
Bright Field Imaging Included
Leica Scanning $20


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Boster will test the antibody in serially diluted concentrations to find the optimal concentration

Initial optimization: We start with the recommended dilution and run slides higher and lower in concentration. If recommend dillution is not provided, we will start with 1ug/ml and create a serial dilution (0.1,0.2,0.5,1,2,4ug/ml) around this concentration to decide the initial optimal concentration of the assay. This step uses generic sample tissues provided by Boster.

Fine tuning optimization: After initial optimization, we will fine tune the concentration using close variations in concentrations and testing sample tissues of interest.