Boster Provides High Quality ELISA Kits that are cited in 4000+ publications

Boster Biological Technology has 20+ years in manufacturing ELISA kits and antibodies. We proudly offer 1000+ ELISA kits in both sandwich ELISA format and competitive ELISA format, covering human, mouse, rat and various other mammalian species. As life scientists we understand the competitive and challenging nature of your work, and we do our best to support your experiments, from design to data analysis. Boster enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay goes through painstaking robust testing to ensure the highest specificity, specificity and sensitivity. Use Boster’s ELISA kits and you will have reproducible, publishable data lot after lot., a big data research company rated us the fastest growing antibody company in the world in terms of publication citations, and our ELISA kits alone have been cited in 4000+ publications around the world, by 2019.

What is an ELISA Kit?

ELISA kits are ready-to-use immunoassay kits that contain all reagents required to perform ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay). ELISA is a plate-based experiment designed to detect and quantify molecules, such as proteins, antibodies, hormones, peptides and sometimes small molecules like vitamins and coenzymes. Antibodies linked with enzymes are used to quantify the results. Various formats (see below) exist and in each one the antibody antigen interaction principle is different.

Boster ELISA Kit Features

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Boster's Picokine® ELISA kits are made with high affinity antibodies can detect native form proteins with picogram and subpicogram level sensitivity.


Boster's QC department validate our ELISA kits against proteins in relevant superfamilies and proteins with similar immunogenicties to ensure specificity to the analytes of interests.


Our 2300+ ELISA kits are vlidated in multiple sample matrices from serum and saliva to urine and feces, ensuring wide application ranges for you to select from.


Boster has been serving the research community since 1993 and cited by 23,000+ publications. Our team of experts are dedicted to provide you the best customer service.

How does ELISA kit work?

The key step, immobilization of the antigen of interest, can be accomplished by direct adsorption to the assay plate or indirectly via a capture antibody that has been attached to the plate. The antigen is then detected either directly (enzyme-labeled primary antibody) or indirectly (enzyme-labeled secondary antibody). The detection antibodies are usually labeled with alkaline phosphatase (AP) or horseradish peroxidase (HRP). A large selection of substrates is available for performing the ELISA with an HRP or AP conjugate. The choice of substrate depends upon the required assay sensitivity and the instrumentation available for signal-detection (spectrophotometer, fluorometer or luminometer). Detection is achieved by measuring the enzyme activity. One method is through incubation with TMB substrate which can be detected via the converted substrate’s light absorbance at 450nm. Alternatively the enzyme can catalyze Chemiluminescent substrate, triggering a strong luminescent reaction which can be quantified.

About Boster Biological Technology

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Boster ELISA kits are well cited

Boster antibodies and ELISA kits are cited over 23,000+ times in publications around the world. According to the big data research company, Bosterbio is globally the fastest growing antibody company in terms of number of academic publication citations. For Picokine® ELISA kits specifically, we estimate there are 6000+ publications. You can find specific citations for ELISA kits and antibodies on each product page.

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