Generates high resolution IHC images and crisp western blotting bands for target proteins with as low as picogram level presences

Picoband™ antibodies are designed with a revolutionary, insight-driven optimization system. The specificity and sensitivity allows you to generate high resolution IHC-P, F and ICC images as well as crisp western blotting bands for target proteins with as low as 5 -10 picogram level presences. 

Boster is founded in 1993 and has dedicated its efforts towards making good antibodies. Over the past 20 years, more than 20,000 publications have been made using Boster's products. After 21 years of making antibodies, we have perfected the art of designing optimal antigens that yield highly sensitive polyclonal antibodies with minimal cross-reactivities and maximum affinity. The end result is that you can expect to produce beautiful and reproducible western and Immunohistochemistry images. We are proud of and transparent about our quality testing and upload all pictures in HD on the website, after all picture speaks louder than a thousand words.

What Makes Picoband™ Antibodies Unique? Because it is a line of reliable antibodies that is both massive in number, and consistently good in quality.

  • High sensitivity, low background: Picoband Antibodies are designed and screened to react to the target protein with high affinity and minimum-cross reactivity with its family members and other sources of non-specific binding. 
  • Painstaking quality control: We have a panel of 250+ samples to test cross-reactivity in different tissues and species. See more about our Quality Control Procedure details here. All of our products are covered by the Boster Guarantee.
  • Consistency and reproducibility: we retest every batch to ensure the inter batch consistency of our antibodies. If it works for the previous scientist, we guarantee it will work for you, and for those who do follow up studies after yours.

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With the maturation of the technologies behind Picoband™ antibodies, our vision is to have one reliable high affinity antibody for each of the top 3000 most common protein targets, enabling scientists to discover more and scale their studies on a platform of antibodies made from one consistent and trust worthy standard.