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Total protein was extracted from the tissues of endo- metrial implantation sites, which were homogenated and lyzed in Mammal tissue protein extraction reagent , Gui, Juan, et al. , American Journal of Reproductive Immunology (2012).
ELISA kits for mouse interleukin 1β and the Fast Protein Precipitation and Concentration Kit , Shi, Fushan, et al., Journal of Neuroinflammation 9 (2012): 73.
the rabbit anti-mouse NF-κB p65, CD36, NOS-2 (i-NOS), caspase1, and p-Fyn antibodies, Kouadir, Mohammed, et al., PloS one 7.1 (2012): e30756.
Cy3 conjugated secondary antibodies, Ju, Dapeng, et al., Molecular biology reports 39.3 (2012): 3343-3354.
After rinsing twice with PBS, the cells were incubated with secondary antibodies (fluorescein isothiocyanate-labeled goat-anti-mouse IgG, Zhao, Zhankui, et al, Journal of Surgical Research (2012).