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Western Blot Service

Boster Bio offers Western blotting / protein characterization services with fast turnaround times. Are you looking to outsource your WB? Are you behind on your studies and need to delegate some experiments? Work with Boster Bio to boost your research and catapult your discovery trajectory.

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Why Choose Boster For Your Western blot Services?

Because we are an antibody manufacturer that runs tons of WB every week

Since 1993, Boster has been manufacturing antibodies and reagents for proteomics. With hundreds of western blot experiments performed each week and after almost 3 decades of continuous improvement, Boster's technical team has mastered the art of WB. Till the end of 2019, there were more than 7,000 articles published using WB results obtained from Boster antibodies (source: Google Scholar, Bioz and CiteAb). With our history and size, Boster is able to provide you a unique combination of service quality, subject expertise, and cost savings with our WB service.

Western blot made easy

Source your western blot experiments to us if you:

  • 1. Want to free your lab from running gels and transfers.
  • 2. Are bothered by the thought of buying and testing yet one more antibody.
  • 3. Don't have the time to run all those samples.
  • 4. Want to try out a CRO who can be your long term partner in broadening the bandwidth of your lab/team in a flexible manner.

What will I get?

Regular Western blotting: A full report with digitized WB exposure data image for each gel we run for you. Gels can have 10-15 lanes per gel.

Advanced protein characterization: We also provide free consultation to optimized the WB strategy for you if needed--WB sometimes is not sufficient in characterizing protein of interest from contaminants. We can design custom strategies such as using silver stain and LC-MS to identify contaminants.

Western Blot Service Details

What to provide, Turnaround time, Deliverables, Notes

You need to provide

  • Purified protein (>50 ug/sample, concentration: >1 mg/ml) OR lysate sample (total protein >500 ug/sample, concentration: >1 mg/ml)
  • Primary antibody to detect target protein (or purchased from us)

Turnaround time

  • About 1 week. Actual times vary based on how many projects we have.


  • Exposure data (films and membranes)
  • Project report


  • Recommend to use a sample expressing the target protein as the positive control
  • 1-8 samples per membrane