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Why Choose Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody?

affinity, specificity, clean IHC, good all-around

Rabbit monoclonal antibodies have been publicized as a better alternative to mouse monoclonal antibodies. Even though this is on average true, the fact is, when it comes down to each individual analyte, a rabbit monoclonal is sometimes the best option while the mouse monoclonal is other times the better option. In certain cases, a goat or lama may be the best choice. It is not a silver bullet solution, but, on average, we do see a better success rate for producing a top quality monoclonal with rabbit than mouse. Let Boster Bio help you with your rabbit monoclonal project.

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Service Information

Project Timeline

Boster Guarantee

Service Details

Boster Guarantee

About Boster Biological Technology

Service Information

Custom Rabbit Monoclonal Antibody Production

Boster's custom rabbit monoclonal antibody development platform uses Single Plasma Cell Interrogation Technology, which screens the immune repertoire of rabbits.As with every antibody generated, the aim of a Boster custom monoclonal antibody project is not only to generate an antibody that recognizes the immunizing antigen, but to produce an antibody that works for your specific application. Our technical staff, with decades of experience spanning immunology, microbiology, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology will be there to guide you through the vital process of designing an appropriate antigen, and the subsequent, and equally important step of designing a strategy required for the generation of a truly successful, and validated antibody.

We provide detailed technical assistance in antigen design. In addition, we can also generate the antigen for you if you require one. Whether that is a peptide or recombinant protein (from one of three expression systems, including E. coli, baculovirus, or mammalian), we can make it for you.

In addition, you may choose to start with more than one pair of rabbits, or you may have an immunization protocol that you'd like us to use. We will accommodate most of your requests - just let us know!

Advantages of Boster's custom rabbit monoclonal antibody service:

High affinity: Only high affinity antibodies will be selected owing to the isolation of the terminal differentiated plasma cells.

Broad spectrum of epitope coverage: We take advantage of the unique properties of the rabbit immune system to obtain antibodies against a broad spectrum of epitopes for a single antigen.

Recombinant antibodies ensure the preservation of genetic information.

The customer will receive both monoclonal and polyclonal end products.

Service Details

Phase 1 Duration Deliverable Cost
Peptide and Immunization: (2 rabbits) Titer Data
Peptide synthesis 10mg, >90% purity 1 week Titer Data $650
Peptide conjugation KLH for immunization and BSA-biotin conjugation for probing and screening 1 week Titer Data $1,000
Immunization for 2 rabbits 2-3 months Titer Data $2,000
Titer ELISA Assay Monitoring anti-sera titer and selecting the best animal for monoclonal
Phase 2 Duration Deliverable Cost
First Screening with FACS (> a million B cells)
  1. Antigen-specific plasma cell identification and isolation.
  2. Single plasma cell heavy and light chain amplification
2 weeks $15,000
Supernatant production 0.25 ml scale, and Secondary screening with ELISA 1 week ELISA data $5,000
Phase 3 Duration Deliverable Cost
Customer further screening with supernatant if necessary, choose three best clones.
Clone Deconvolution, cloning, expression/ELISA conformation; 30ml scale production, yield~ 0.5mg Ab perclone 3-4 week Sequences $5,000
Total 4-5 months $28,650


ELISA data from both sera and supernatants assays will be delivered.

Sequence information of the final delivered clones will be provided, as well as the map of the vector.

About 0.5 mg (0.1-1mg) of purified antibody from the two chosen clones to further testing.

About 100 ng of heavy and light chain plasmid DNA will be delivered for the final chosen clone (see above Procedure 9).

A summary report will be provided

Boster Guarantee



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