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About Boster Bio's Multiplex IHC Services

Boster has been manufacturing antibodies and reagents for pathology/IHC since 1993. Our founder came from a medical histology background and IHC has been in the company's DNA from day 1. With hundreds of IHC experiments performed each week and after 3 decades of continuous improvement, Boster's technical team has mastered the art of IHC. Till end of 2022, there were more than 5,000 articles published using IHC results obtained from Boster antibodies (source: Google Scholar, Bioz and CiteAb). With our history and size, Boster is expanding our IHC service to include multiplex IHC.

More details on Boster's IHC service can be found here

What studies can Multiplex IHC Services be used for?

  1. Tumor Microenvironment
  2. Immune Marker Co-Expression
  3. Cell-Cell and Cell-Extracellular matrix interactions
  4. Spatial relativity between proteins
  5. Tissue and Organelle Structure
  6. Neuroscience

What Is Multiplex IHC?

Multiplex Immunochemistry or IHC allows for the quantification of multiple markers in a single sample, giving a comprehensive view of cellular or tissue composition. Multiplex IHC can show spatial data for one protein relative to another, tissue architecture and organelle structure, leading to improved insights in disease mechanisms, diagnostics, and the effects of personalized medicine. It has become an invaluable tool in determining the subsets of immune-oncology markers within the tumor microenvironment and the relativity of co-expressing markers in cells.

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Biomarkers and Fluorophores

We offer a list of pre-validated IHC antibodies available for this service. If you prefer to use your own antibodies this is possible so long as they has been validated to work in IHC. Boster also offers an antibody IHC validation and optimization service which can be found using the link below.

IHC Validation and Optimization Service

Fluorophore Options Available

  • DAPI (Nuclear)
  • Alexa Fluor 488
  • Alexa Fluor 555
  • Alexa Fluor 594
  • Alexa Fluor 647
  • Alexa Fluor 750

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As little as 1 sample however we usually recommend sending enough sample for 5-10 assays – more complex assays will be run in duplicate or triplicate.

Please contact your Boster Bio service Project Concierge and he/she will answer any questions you may have and make specialized suggestions.

Please check out our guidelines on how to prepare and label samples before shipping them over to us.

Services are available for the following types of samples:
  1. Formalin-fixed and paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues
  2. Frozen tissues (Cryo or OCT)
  3. Cell pellets

Please tell us:
  1. How many samples would you like to process?
  2. Have you identified the samples you wish to use for the study? If so, what are they?
  3. Will you provide the samples to us or would you like us to procure them?
  4. Have you identified the reagents to use for the study? If so, what are the targets and catalog numbers?

We have validated analytes against many target species including human, mouse, rat, porcine, canine, feline, bovine. Please ask us for more details on available analytes and other species via our Project Concierge.

Yes in principle. If the antibody works on a single plex then it will work in a multiplex panel.

We typically recommend duplicate testing; however the answer to this question will depend on the purpose of your assay. For publication purposes, duplicate and triplicate testing are the most common. Testing in duplicate or triplicate gives you more assurance that your concentrations are accurate. If, however, you are merely running small pilot studies, testing in single may be suitable and may be more cost effective.

No. This is one of the greatest attributes of Boster’s Multiplex IHC Service as we will accommodate one sample or thousands.

We have not tested the limit but we have done as many as 8 in the past