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Boster Bio offers one of the most efficient recombinant protein services. We perform highly successful protein expressions all year round.

  • 3000+ Expressions/year
  • 20 years of Protein Production
  • 98% Expression Success Rate

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Our Specialty: Recombinant Proteins for Antigens/Immunizations

We can do simple E. Coli protein expressions with what seems to be the lowest cost on the market. However, we also offer a comprehensive suite of proteins expression services using various expression systems: E. Coli, insect, yeast and mammalian. Downstream services are available as well—purification, desalting, lyophilization, packaging and labeling.
  • Fast turnaround
  • 2-week rapid expression (after gene synthesis)

  • Solubility expert
  • Proprietary technology for maximizing solubility

  • Cost efficiency
  • Economy of scale lowers cost

  • Comprehensive services:
  • Purification, desalting, tag cleaving, the whole shebang


Our codon optimization

We developed our own expression optimization algorithm. Compared to similar algorithms, ours emphasizes more on using optimal codons, which may cause difficulties in gene synthesis (shifting risks upstream). This results in better expression success and solubility than if you were to use conventional plasmid/gene optimization software.

Numbers speak louder than words





20 years

Protein production



Expression success rate



Featured Service Packages

We do everything from recombinant expressions to large scale productions. We have all your needs covered.

e. coli
Pilot expression


Our signature service package covers most simple protein expression needs with super high efficiency.

Antibody production


For scaling up recombinant antibody production. More details see our rabbit monoclonal antibody service.

design & production


Looking to design and produce an antigen? Seek no further and talk to Boster Bio today.

Recombinant protein production in mammalian cells


Need complex proteins with PTM? We got you covered from in silico design to scale up production.

Available Expression Systems

We use various protein expression systems to address your requirements. Here's how they compare:

E. coli expression

Cost ++
Speed +++
Yield +++
Culture Conditions +
Scale-up +++

Yeast Expression

Cost +
Speed +++
Yield +++
PTMs +
Culture Conditions +
Scale-up +++

Insect cells & baculovirus

Cost ++
Speed ++
Yield ++
PTMs ++
Culture Conditions ++
Scale-up ++

Mammalian expression

Cost +++
Speed +
Yield +
PTMs +++
Culture Conditions +++
Scale-up +
Expression System Advantages Challenges Common Uses

E. Coli

  • Low cost
  • Simple culture conditions
  • Rapid expression
  • Easy scale-up
  • Parallel cloning
  • Lack of post-translational modifications
  • Protein solubility
  • Inclusion body formation
  • Inefficient expression of higher MW proteins
  • Prokaryotic & bacterial protein
  • Functional assays
  • Structural analysis
  • Antibody/Antigen proteins


  • Low cost
  • Industrial-scale yields via fermentation
  • Post-translational modifications possible
  • Rapid expression
  • Simple media
  • Improper glycosylation
  • High yields require fermentation
  • Culture conditions for optimal growth
  • High mannose modification
  • Low MW proteins
  • Enzyme studies
  • Cytokine studies
  • Gram per liter fermentation yields

Insect / Baculovirus

  • Post-translational modifications possible
  • Protein processing similar to mammals
  • Protein solubility
  • Static or suspension cultures
  • Suitable for toxic proteins
  • Lack of partial glycosylation
  • More complex culture conditions
  • Baculovirus vector production time-consuming
  • Longer production time
  • Transmembrane proteins
  • Secretory proteins
  • Intracellular/cytoplasmic protein
  • Toxic protein analysis


  • Complex post-translational modifications
  • High-level protein processing
  • Robust bioactive protein expression
  • Low endotoxin levels
  • Rigorous culture conditions
  • Higher cost
  • Lower yields
  • Long production time
  • Antibody fragments
  • Complex protein expression
  • Secretory proteins
  • Extracellular transmembrane proteins

Other Antibody Tests & Services

Recombinant Protein Production Steps

  • Free consultation (optional)

    We learn about your project and design the best strategy to serve your unique requirements.

  • In silico prediction (optional)

    In case you need more than e. Coli expression, we take your requirements and run it through our AI-powered algorithm, which learns from our past expressions and predict the best expression conditions for your protein sequence.

  • Pilot expression: gene synthesis

    Our gene synthesis partner makes the DNA. Takes 1-2 weeks typically.

  • Pilot Expression: small scale (Pilot) expression

    We express your protein in a small scale to optimize expression conditions. We have proprietary techniques to improve solubility. The purified proteins are sent to you as deliverable. This usually takes 2 weeks for E. coli and longer for more complex expression systems, and for some hard to express proteins it requires multiple iterations to arrive at the optimal conditions. Our experts will work closely with you to resolve any issues.

  • strategy optimization (Scaling Up)

    If you need to scale up production, we will create a custom strategy based on the optimal conditions we identified in the pilot expression.

  • Scale up production (Scaling Up)

    Our bioreactors stand ready to scale up production for you. We can be your protein production partner and produce your protein in grams levels or even more.


Why Choose Boster For Recombinant Protein Production?

High-efficiency custom protein production for all your needs.

Established in 1993, Boster Bio offers one of the most efficient recombinant protein services—we are one of the biggest antibody companies who use recombinant immunogen to create antibodies. We express 3000+ recombinant proteins each year for our antibody immunization. This has polished every aspect of our recombinant protein production process from negotiating the lowest possible gene synthesis cost to resolving tricky solubility issues.




Yes we provide full service protein expression, including all common downstream services such as purification and desalting, and also serve manufacturing needs such as lyophilization, packaging and labeling.

I am assuming you are asking how to work with us. In that case, to get started you can tell us the protein sequence you want to express, along with any special requests you might have. We will make a quote for you with which you can place purchase order. Once we receive your purchase order, we will optimize the codons for you and take it from there. The detailed milestones can be found in the above section "RECOMBINANT PROTEIN PRODUCTION STEPS".

Yes we can. It will have to be one of the advanced expression package with eukaryotic expression systems (yeast, baculovirus insect cell expression system or mammalian expression systems). Also not all PTMs can be achieved, we need to know more details about your PTM of interest.

Yes as long as it is not under patent/IP protection, or if you can extend your license to us. If there are no legal limitations, technically we can accomodate most expression vectors.