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Why Choose Boster For Recombinant protein production?

Because we are an antibody manufacturer that expresses hundreds of recombinant proteins a week.

Since 1993, Boster has been manufacturing antibodies and ELISA kits for scientists around the world. We use recombinant antigen for our antibody production and we have a fully streamlined recombinant protein production line. With our history and scale, Boster is able to provide you a unique combination of service quality, subject expertise, and cost savings when it comes to recombinant protein expression service.

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Service Packages Pricing

E.coli Expression Service

Insect Expression Service

Mammalian Cell Expression Service

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Service Packages Pricing

Package 1

$500 +

E.Coli Expression System

The advantages of E.coli expression are low cost, high expression level, easy scalability, and short turnaround time.


Package 2

$1500 +

Insect Expression System

The advantages of Insect expression are high efficiency, optimal conditions, large-scale production potential, and competitive pricing


Package 3

$2000 +

Mammalian Cell Expression System

The advantages of Mammalian expression are high productivity, large-scale product potential, large capacity, and a high success rate.


E.Coli Expression System

Despite the development of the eukaryotic expression systems, E. coli remains the most widely used expression system for recombinant proteins. Advantages of E. coli expression are low cost, high expression level, easy to scale up, short turnaround time. One point to keep in mind is that expression of foreign proteins in E. coli may result in the formation of protein aggregates, commonly known as inclusion bodies, as a result of imbalance between protein aggregation and solubilization. In this case, our protein refolding system are set to solubilize and refold the inclusion bodies and thereby obtain soluble, bioactive recombinant proteins.

Boster’s bacteria expression system serves you with these advantages:

High Efficiency: Collection of more than 10 host strains and various proprietary or non-proprietary vectors guarantees the selection of the most efficient expression system.

High Productivity: Enhanced fusion tag technology and proprietary AIE technology are available in house to increase protein solubility and production, and to decrease purification cost, even for toxic proteins.

Advanced Refolding: We have established and optimized over the years a sophisticated protein refolding system composed of 20 refolding buffers to increase the chance of obtaining soluble and bioactive proteins.

Large-Scale Production: We are able to produce up to 100L of E. coli cell culture for gram scale production.

Modifications: Metabolic labeling with stable isotopes (13C and 15N) and biotinylation are available.

Competitive Pricing: 5mg protein at 80% purity from only $500!

Gene Cloning and Expression Test
Strategy Design Free 1 Day
Codon Optimization Free 2-3 weeks
Gene Synthesis $0.40/bp
Subcloning gene of interest into expression vector $195
Expression strain construction and expression optimization $100 1 week
Pilot Scale Expression and Purificationon
2L Bacterial Cell Culture From $800 2-4 weeks
2-5mg of protein (soluble, >80% purity)
Large Scale Production
Large-scale fermentation up to 100L From $1000 2-4 weeks
Purification to gram-scale protein
Protein production to kilogram scale Contact us

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Our service team keeps tight monitoring and tracking over each step where data are generated.



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