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Looking to outsource your ELISA experiments? Do it with Boster, one of the biggest ELISA manufacturer. We provide research grade CRO services focusing on academic research and publishing. 

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Why Choose Boster For ELISA CRO Service?

Because we are an antibody manufacturer with ELISA expertise

Since 1993, Boster has been manufacturing antibodies and ELISA kits for scientists around the world. Our founder developed Picokine®, a proprietary high sensitivity sandwich ELISA platform, in the early 2000s. Over past two decades we have developed 1000+ high sensitive Picokine® ELISA kits which have been cited in over 6000 publications to end of 2019 (source: Google scholar, Bioz and CiteAb). Hundreds of ELISA assays are run each week by the ELISA experts at Boster Bio. With such history and scale, Boster is able to provide you a unique combination of service quality, subject expertise and cost savings, when it comes to ELISA service. 

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Why Boster?

Service Details: workflow, phases

About Samples

Are you looking for custom ELISA development Service?

This page is for ELISA service, where we perform the experiment as a CRO service for you. If you want to develop custom ELISA please check out our custom monoclonal antibody service page. If you would like to validate existing antibody pairs and development them into ELISA (both multiplex and singleplex format available) please inquire at [email protected] for ELISA development service.

ELISA Service Details

In a nutshell: you send us your samples, we test them for your analytes of interest and send you the results data.

Typical ELISA service workflow 

Experienced ELISA development, tailored to achieve your goals.

Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is one of the most common methods for quantification of analytes in samples. Projects we run for our clients ranges from simple outsourced ELISAs to assay development for various applications (clinical, allergen etc.). Typically we go through the following workflow to engage each client to provide the best tailored service. 

  • Assay Design Consultation

    We discuss the goals of your assays and help you decide on analytes/biomarkers, format and configuration. We have worked with experts in many subject matters and can provide scientific consultation for our customers, in addition to simple outsourcing capacity. 

  • Kits/Antibodies Selection

    We pick the right assay for you. Boster carries 1000+ high sensitivity sandwich ELISA kits, and a wide range of other format ELISA kits. If you want to work with ELISA kits from other companies, we can procure them for you, or you can send your own ELISA kits to us. If no kit is available, we can develop assay from antibody pairs. Certain antibody combinations are best for specific assay types. For example, in sandwich ELISAs, one antibody traps the analyte, and the other antibody is used to detect. These pairs are tested for compatibility.

  • Pilot Studies

    Turn around time: typically 5-20 days

    We test standard samples, matrices, conjugates, etc. in combination to create the prototype. We help you select standards and set aside key controls, etc. 

  • Technical Transfer Or Scaling Up

    We ramp up the testing scale for you, or we transfer the technology to your laboratory, ensuring that the assay works in your technicians' hands. We can also custom manufacture these kits for you if you want to develop them into a product. 

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Highlights of the service

1. We can do all sandwich ELISA, EIA, and Phosphorylation ELISA kits.

2. We can source positive and negative controls

3. Guaranteed results with high quality assay specifications for sensitivity and reproducibility

4. Our experiences allow us to provide custom consultation to help you decide the and configuration based on the nature of each analyte. 

5. If you are still deciding which analytes are best markers for your research topic we can consult on that too. 

Reagent concierge service

If you want to use an ELISA kit or other reagents from another company, you can send it to us or we can procure it on your behave. 

Did You Know

That Boster Bio offers multiplex ELISA assay service? That you can have up to 30+ analytes tested in the same assay with huge cost savings?

About samples

Common samples, sample requirements, etc.

Common sample types 

The most common samples customers send us are:

Sample Types



Cell culture supernates

Cell lysates

Tissue homogenates

Cell Culture

Cell Culture Media

Conditioned Media

Media + Sera

Cell Culture Supernatants

Cell Culture Lysates


Tissue homogenates

Biopsy Tissues




Cell Culture

Blood; Plasma/Sera

Bronchoalveolar Lavage

Aqueous Humor

Peritoneal Fluid


Note: Due to the variety of methods and materials used in preparation, tissue homogenates and cell lysates have not been validated for this service. If you choose to send these samples types, please be aware we are unable to guarantee satisfactory results.

Sample Testing Requirements

For general reference only. Detailed instructions will be given for each project

  1. Sample Types - The samples can be serum, plasma, cell culture supernatant, cell lysate, cell culture media, and/or tissue homogenates. Make sure to specify the type of sample and buffer constituents used for the samples when you contact us. Clearly label each vial using permanent marking and provide a list of the samples in the shipment. The labeling should exactly match the digital manifest.

    Note: Due to the variety of methods and materials used in preparation, tissue homogenates and cell lysates have not been validated for this service. If you choose to send these samples types, please be aware we are unable to guarantee satisfactory results.

  2. Sample Volume - It is optimal for at least 200 μl of each sample to be sent per analyte. Based on your request, an additional volume may be needed. This volume allows for triplicate testing of each sample.
  3. Minimum Number of Samples - 8 samples minimum. Please contact Boster for price quotes if requesting sample testing for less than the minimums listed.
  4. Sample should be shipped overnight, Monday through Thursday, frozen with 3-5 lbs dry ice- Protect the samples from damage by putting them in a box or wrapping with bubble wrap, so the samples are not loose among the dry ice as this will damage the vials and labeling.
  5. For research use only. Not intended for diagnostic applications.


  1. Turnaround Time - A completed report of the samples will be emailed to the customer. Typical turnaround times range from 5 to 20 business days based on the assays requested. The quote provided to the customer will give a firm estimate of the time to receive data.
  2. Reporting Results - All results will be reported in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet format. The spreadsheet will contain raw data, charts, and calculated concentrations derived from regression models from each of the samples tested. A written report explaining the technology is also provided.
  3. Samples will be destroyed 3 months after the date of receipt. If requested at the time the order is placed, samples will be returned to the customer at the customer's expense.

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To receive a consultation and quote from one of our scientists, submit your project details to [email protected] or through the live chat. We will respond within two business days. If you require immediate assistance, call us at (888) 466-3604.