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ELISA Blocking Buffer Optimization

There are a variety of blocking buffers, not one of which is ideal for every combination of plate type, assay format, and detection system. Every blocking buffer represents a compromise between reducing background and maintaining specificity. Use this guide to help decide which type of blocking buffer is best suited for your specific application.

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ELISA Plate Washing Optimization

One of the defining features of an ELISA assay is the ability to quickly and effectively wash away unbound molecules. This allows ELISA assays to capture specific antigens or antibodies from crude samples, enabling researchers to identify, isolate, and quantify nearly any molecule. Optimizing the parameters of the wash steps is critical to obtaining the best results from your ELISA assay. Use this guide to help decide how you will optimize the parameters of your washes:

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ELISA Antibody/Antigen Concentration Optimization

In order to get the best results from your ELISA assay, the dilution factors of the sample and the detection antibodies must be optimized. For strong, quantifiable signal, use a checkerboard titration to test for the optimal concentration of sample and detection antibodies.

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ELISA Detection System Optimization

The choice of which detection system to use is influenced by the equipment available and the needs of the specific application being considered. Use this guide to help decide whether to use enzyme-linked secondary antibodies, or fluorescently labelled secondary antibodies as your detection system.

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