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Need sequencing? Look no further, and let Boster Bio’s NGS experts help you turn your samples into data. Boster offers comprehensive high throughput sequencing services from extraction to bioinformatics.

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Our NGS Services

High quality data that is reliable and repeatable is key for NGS research. Boster Bio offers a full range of quality NGS services extending from nucleic acid extraction, to library preparation, sequencing and bioinformatic analysis. Our expert scientists are available to help at any stage in this process and we specialise in finding the best sequencing solution for your project.

Using the latest state-of-the-art sequencing equipment from leading suppliers such as Illumina, Oxford Nanopore, PacBio and 10X Genomics and optimised protocols and procedures, Boster Bio guarantees the best possible scientific outcome for your research.

With expertise in a diverse range of systems and protocols, our scientists are keen to help you generate high-quality, publication-ready data in a short time frame. Our bioinformatics specialists can assist with virtually any type of NGS data analysis, customized to your specific project requirements.

Boster Bio's NGS Services Include

What Is NGS?

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is a rapidly evolving technology used for DNA and RNA sequencing and variant/mutation detection. NGS can sequence hundreds and thousands of genes or whole genome in a short period of time. NGS allows sequencing of all genes relevant to a given phenotype starting from a small amount of total DNA. NGS is a rapidly expanding field, however it is commonly used to identify novel and rare cancer mutations, detect familial cancer mutation carriers, and provide a molecular rationale for appropriate targeted therapy.

Boster Bio are able to help at every step of the NGS pipeline

  • Nucleic Acid Isolation
  • Library Prep
  • Clonal Amplification and Sequencing
  • Data Analysis

How to Order Boster’s NGS Service

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Gene Expression Analysis Services

Fully customizable Gene Expression Analysis Services from sample collection to comprehensive bioinformatic analysis.

Explore differentially expressed genes and functions or pathways in your samples under specific developmental stages or conditions.

Services Include:

  • Nucleic Acid purification
  • Total DNA sequencing
  • Total RNA sequencing
  • Target enrichment or abundant marker depletion
  • miRNA sequencing


  • Investigate disease mechanisms
  • Differential gene expression analysis
  • miRNA biomarker discovery
  • Drug screening and efficacy
Gene Expression Analysis Page

Epigenetic Analysis Services

DNA methylation profiling, histone modification, and protein-DNA interaction investigation with bisulfite sequencing and ChIP-seq analysis.

Epigenetic modifications are emerging as important diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers in many fields of medicine.

Services Include:

  • Targeted Bisulfite Sequencing
  • Genome-Wide DNA Methylation Analysis
  • Chip-Seq service
  • Epigenetic aging services


  • Biomarker discovery and validation
  • Regulation mechanisms research
  • Protein-DNA binding site discovery
  • Cancer, immune dysfunction, neuronal disease diagnosis
  • Aging research and intervention
Epigenetics Analysis Page

Microbiome Analysis Services

Complete solutions for accurate microbiome characterization.

All services offer sample collection, extraction, library prep, sequencing and comprehensive bioinformatics analysis. Receive a user-friendly, interactive report with statistical analyses and group comparisons.

Services Include:

  • 16S/ITS Amplicon Sequencing
  • Metagenomic Sequencing
  • Metatranscriptomic Sequencing


  • Food & water testing
  • Bioremediation & agriculture
  • Therapeutic drug effects
  • Consumer health
  • Clinical diagnostics
Microbiome Analysis Page

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Costs for our NGS services will vary depending on the service and are often project reliant. To discuss costs for your specific project, please contact our Project Concierge.

The 4 steps of next-generation sequencing (NGS) include nucleic acid isolation, library preparation, clonal amplification and sequencing, and data analysis. Boster Bio can help with every step in the NGS process. Please contact our Project Concierge to discuss your specific NGS requirements

Our Project Concierge will work with you to determine what is required for your NGS service. Samples can be prepared and sent following our Sample Preparation Guide. (Link)