Review Product on Biocompare to Receive $20 Gift Card

Review on Biocompare & Get a $20 Amazon Gift Card

Our partners at Biocompare offer $20 for your review. Let them know your experience with us and receive a $20 Amazon gift card for each review!

Join the Biocompare Product Investigator Community and help your fellow researchers today. By becoming a Biocompare Product Investigator (PI), you are sharing your experiences with others (and learning from their experiences too) while getting paid to do it!

You'll need your experimental protocol overview and the images of results or product shots. For 15 minutes of your time, you could earn $20, help your research community, and help Boster Bio improve your future experience.

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Submit a Biocompare Review

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Receive a $20 Gift Card

Receive a $20 Gift Card

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Receive 100ug Antibody for FREE

Receive 100ug Antibody for FREE

Share your experience with our custom antibody service on Biocompare and receive a $20 Gift Card. When Biocompare publishes your review, let us know by sending the link of your Biocompare review to [email protected] and you will also be able to claim an additional 100ug of the custom antibody you reviewed for FREE.

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  • Including results in a Biocompare review does not impact scientific journal submissions.
  • Content written in the reviews must be unique. Copied material will not be accepted.
Review Custom Antibody to Receive $20 Gift Card & Free 100ug of Custom Antibody