Sample collection & labeling guidelines

Due to receiving large volumes of samples from various sources we must standardize tubes and labeling. Please download the guideline document and read in its entirety before submitting samples.

Download Guidelines.docx

Supplimentary informatoin

First make sure you have downloaded the document above. Below you will find information on compatible tubes, sample volumes and recommended sample dilution ratios.

Compatible Tube Dimensions and examples

Samples should be aliquoted into 0.5 – 0.65mL snap-cap centrifuge tubes with these approximate dimensions: ~3.0 cm in height (9/8 inch), 0.9 cm in diameter (3/8 inch). These examples below are given to help you select compatible tubes. You are not required to use these exact brands or items.

*If you are not using these tubes, please indicate as such in your sample submission document. If the samples need to be moved to compatible tubes for processing, we will charge $3 per sample for special handling and cost of the tubes and tips.

**DO NOT Parafilm seal your tubes.

BrandCatalog #Description
VWR87003-290Microcentrifuge tubes (0.65mL)
VWR20170-293Microcentrifuge tubes (0.65mL)
Eppendorf022363611, Fisher Sci. Cat#: 05-402-18Eppendorf Safe-Lock Tubes™ (0.5 ml)
Thermo/Matrix3743-MTXScrew top micro tubes (0.5 ml)

Required volumes for common sample types

In general, you need to provide 100ul undiluted sample for each assay, assuming running duplicates. For multiplex sample testing, typically each assay can test up to 18 plex in our plate format multiplex assay. However the situation may differ due to some analytes cannot be assayed together. The exact number of assays to run for each sample will be included in our quote/proposal. If you want to run singlet or triplicates, we will advise the sample volumes you need to provide in our quote/proposal as well. Please use that document as the primary reference as how much samples to provide.

If you have any questions please contact [email protected]

Sample labeling examples

use the first letter of your last name + number

Please Maintain your own record of which number corresponds to which sample.

Label print and writing must be clear: you can use printed labels on the side of tubes ONLY if you are sure that the label will not fall off in -80°C and remain attached. If labels fall off the tubes, it will result in complete samples lost. If you are hand-writing the labels, please use a felt-tip permanent marker. Make sure the labels are easy to read.

What to print/write on labels: label the tube lids/caps alpha numerically with the first letter of your last name followed by consecutive numbers. For example, if your last name is “Sam” and you are sending three samples your tubes will be labeled: S1, S2 and S3 etc.

Please DO NOT use parafilm to seal your tubes.

Download Guidelines.docx