We are hiring for the following positions:

Executive marketing assistant

Bosterbio is looking for an executive assistant with Biology and or business background to assist the marketing and sales activities.

The candidate should have 5+ years of work experience in biotechnology related industries, either in leadership positions or in a research laboratory. Comprehensive training will be provided to the candidate if the candidate lacks the necessary biology background or business experience. Candidate with experience in both fields are preferred.

The assistant will work closely with the VP of Marketing and Sales on the following areas, with a compensation range of $40K-70K per annual depending on curriculum vitae.

1. SEO and content marketing: from strategic analyses such as SEO audit, link opportunity research, content topic research, user behavior research, to tactical campaigns such as link building, content writing, content pipeline/writer management.

2. Business intelligence: making reports for monthly meetings, analyze ROIs of campaigns, research business opportunities including new markets and new product lines.

3. Project management: manage (plan and monitor) various outsourced marketing projects assigned to the candidate.


Please send your cover letter (optional) and resume to [email protected]