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Why Use Boster for your custom antibody projects

Because we are one of the largest and best antibody manufacturer with 3 decades of expertise

Our 25+ years of experience in antibody design and production will ensure you the best chance of getting a high affinity monoclonal antibody that works for your application. Since 1993, our team has produced over 10,000 antibodies. All you need to provide is your target sequence and Boster gets to work.

Our team of experts will provide support for each step of antibody production - from antigen design to antibody purification. You will be notified when each milestone is achieved. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] and we'll make sure you stay informed.

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What Makes A Good Antibody?

Boster Antigen design and expression overview


We will design the antigen using our decades of experience in immunogen design, taking consideration of a variety of factors including sequence homology, post-translational modifcation, secondary/tertiary structure and epitope localization.


We recombinantly express the antigen with our proprietary protein folding technique to ensure best tertiary structure accuracy of the antigen to the target protein’s natural form.

Service Overview

Contact us at [email protected] for a formal quote.

Antigen Expression

Design & express recombinant antigen

Immunization & test-bleed on ELISA

immunize 3 mice

Fusion & Screening

Harvest splenocytes for hybridoma fusion & Screen for positive clones


Subclone & isolate stable positive clones


Purify and test antibodies


2mg monoclonal antibodies, 6-month cell banking service

Project Timeline

Below is a general timeline of a custom mouse monoclonal antibody project. For any questions, please contact [email protected]

Milestone Start Day Description Deliverables
Pre-immune sera collection (optional) Day 0 (Optional) Pre-immune bleed 10ul per mouse.
Plasmid synthesis Day 1 Synthesizing your antigen expression plasmid.
Recombinant antigen expression Day 14 Express your protein antigen recombinantly. Report 1: Protein expression report

(Optional) Pre-immune screening report
Immunization preparation Day 24 (Day 1 if you provide antigen) Preparing antigen with CFA or IFA. Preparing mice.
Immunization 1st shot Day 31 3 mice, 0.5mg of antigen total per mouse
Immunization 2nd shot Day 52 Immune boost injections, 0.25mg of antigen total per mouse.
Immunization 3rd shot Day 66 Immune boost injections, 0.25mg of antigen total per mouse.
Immunization 4th shot Day 81 Immune boost injections, 0.25mg of antigen total per mouse.
Test bleed on ELISA Day 86 On the 5th day of the last immune booster shot, bleed the mice and test sera via ELISA. Decide to continue or terminate project based on the ELISA result and (optional) specific application test result. Report 2: Poly-antisera ELISA report

(Optional) Application test report, if the guaranteed specific application can be tested in house.
Fusion and screening Day 88 Fuse the splenocytes of the mouse/mice with positive anti-sera with proprietary cell line and create hybridoma cells. Screen for positive clones. Report 3: Fusion clones ELISA report

(Optional) The Recipient can order supernatant of cell culture to be tested at any time.
Subcloning Day 116 Subcloning, isolate stable positive clones.
Expansion, purification & final testing Day 137 Expand the selected cell lines. Report 3: Fusion clones ELISA report

(Optional) The Recipient can order supernatant of cell culture to be tested at any time.
Deliver report, antibodies, and cell lines Day 172 The 2 clones and 2mg of antibodies per clone are prepared ready to be shipped to the Recipient. Note the shipping cost is not included in the project pricing. The preparation process can take 7-14 business days. Report 4: Final delivery report, 2mg of purified monoclonal antibodies, 6 month of cell banking service

(Optional) Additional clones, additional antibodies, scale up production

Additional Services

Order a vial of pre-immune serum for screening existing immunity against the target protein, and for control purposes. The pre-immune serum can be used to screen for preexisting immunity in the host, which is common for antigens originating from naturally occurring pathogens.

Price: $100 per mouse, 10ul of serum, not purified

Order test bleeds throughout the immunization process to monitor the antibody's performance on your application of interest.

Price: $100 per mouse, 10ul of serum, not purified

Immunize more mice than the default three. This could increase the chance of having at least one strong positive mouse.

Price: $80 per mouse

Order cell culture supernatants to be shipped to you for testing.

Price: $100 processing fee for one shipment with 1 vial of 100ul supernatant, $10 for each additional 100ul of supernatant

Clone and sequence hybridoma antibody heavy and light chain variable regions.

Price: $800 per clone

Select more clones than the default two.

Price: $250 for each additional clone

Store clones beyond the default 6 months of free cell banking service.

Price: $30 per month per clone

For purified monoclonal antibodies only. Available conjugates: FITC, TRITC, Cy3, DyLight®488, Alexa®488, Colloidal Gold (5nm/10nm), Biotin, HRP.

Price: $600 per 1mg of antibodies

If you require a blocking peptide for your developed antibody, we can help you with that.

Price: $150 for 1mg of blocking peptide

If you want the recombinant protein we generated for you, you can purchase it from us.

Price: $200 for 1mg of purified recombinant protein

If you would like the antibody be guaranteed for usage in certain applications, you can purchase this insurance which will give you a full refund if the final antibody is not working for your application. By default the antibody is guranteed to work in direct and indirect ELISA.

Price: Custom, depending on the application and nature of the target protein

If you want to scale up and produce more of the monoclonal antibody we offer ascites antibody production for your chosen clone. On average, one mouse produces 2-4ml ascites. 1ml ascites contain 1mg+ monoclonal antibodies.

Price: For 1-10 mice, $30/mouse.
For 10+ mice, $20/mouse. Ascites from these productions will be delivered.
Purification cost: $30 per mouse

If you intend to have exclusive rights for the produced antibodies, we can create a license that fits your needs.

Price: Custom, depending on the intended use of the antibody


High Affinity Antibody Guarantee

Both the test bleed and the final delivery of antibodies are affinity guaranteed high affinity—we guarantee that at 1:1000 dilution ration the antibody can detect as low as 1ng of the protein antigen, or 100ng of the peptide antigen, in a direct ELISA.

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