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Your experts in offering state-of-the-art ELISA kits, antibodies, custom reagents and analytical services in immunology, sequencing, cancer research and more.

Our Values

You, the life scientist, are the hero destined for great discoveries and inventions. We serve to help you become the overachiever you were meant to be.

With over 30 years in the industry, our foundations always go back to maintaining quality and having a strong integrity to deliver consistent products and services. Providing reliable and high-quality products is our passion. This is our way of helping the life science community thrive, helping more researchers get the best tools to move forward.

Boster Quality Guarantee

With our pride in providing the products you can trust, a satisfaction/money-back guarantee backs up each of our items and services! This is our commitment to you, our loyal clients, that deserves the best of our technology, skills, and expertise in biochemistry.

Solutions, not just products

In addition to being a reagent manufacturer, we offer easy to work with services in biology and related fields. Our services include analytical, development, and manufacturing of customized biomaterials. We provide you solutions rather than products and help you progress and achieve success.

Brief Boster History

Humble start

Founded in 1993 by histologist Steven Xia, Boster Bio is an antibody manufacturing company specializing in high-sensitivity, high-specificity ELISA kits and WB/IHC compatible antibodies.

It all started as a family-owned business. From a poor farming family, Steven Xia was the only one in the village to go to college, and the only one in the county with a PhD.

In early 90s China, he saw an underserved medical and research community and made a difference. It began in a small pickup truck-sized room with no capital. Despite all odds, he developed proprietary reagents for histology, becoming one of the few domestic suppliers of histology reagents when China heavily relied on imports.

30 years later

Since then, the company has organically grown into one of the top 10 antibody companies globally.

We have spent the last 3 decades perfecting our techniques and technology, and our products have been well-cited in over 50,000 publications. We thoroughly validated our antibodies for IHC, WB, ELISA, and Flow Cytometry to bring you trustworthy products.

We strive to provide the best service and have earned the trust of researchers worldwide. All products are covered by the Boster Quality Guarantee, each product will work as stated in the datasheet or your money back. We are actively developing and launching more products each month.

Our Commitment

To ensure you get the best experience possible, our platform brings you simple processes in applying for our services. With swift response from our friendly customer support, you can effortlessly chat and leave a message for any concerns and questions.

We promise a concierge sourcing experience. You will have a project manager who treats your project like his/her own, and aim to provide full end-to-end solutions to help you turn your samples into insights (analytical), and obtain critical reagents for your projects (development and manufacturing).

Ultimately, you, our clients, are the ones who do the hard work, therefore it’s our goal to guide and assist you, and be the hammer that helps you create scientific works of art. It is our honor to be chosen to help you achieve your goals. Doing so is a pleasure for us all.

Ready to collaborate? Let’s discover, create, or analyze the next breakthrough in biological research! Contact us today.

Stats and Numbers

Some quick facts about us



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Boster bio timeline

A brief history of Boster over the years

  • First Product


    In 1993, Steven developed Boster’s first product, in a room no larger than a small household garage.
    His friends made fun of him and gave him the nickname “he who converts science in the lavatory”.

  • Antibodies

    Late 90s

    In the early days Boster developed various products for IHC and EM.
    In late 90s, Boster developed hundreds of primary antibodies, and became the biggest catalog antibody company in China at the time.

  • ELISA Kits

    Early 2000S

    After years of research and development, Boster was able to create a proprietary ELISA platform, PicoKine™.
    About a dozen in-house developed trade secretes empower Boster’s high-sensitivity ELISA kits to deliver repeatable results.

  • Going Global


    In 2006, Boster started to form partnerships with distributors and OEM partners around the globe.
    Today Boster products are used around the world by academics and industrial users alike, for WB, IHC, ELISA and Flow.

  • USA Office


    In 2012, Boster established office in Pleasanton California to better service its global customers.
    Since then Boster’s brand awareness have been significantly improved globally. Many partnerships were established.

  • Fastest Growing Antibody Company


    In 2016, Boster was rated the fastest growing antibody company in the WORLD, by CiteAb.com.
    To date, more than 20,000 publications cited Boster’s products and the number is accelerating.

  • Among Top 10 Antibody Companies


    As of time of writing, Boster stands among the top 10 research antibody companies in the world.


What life scientists are saying about Boster Products

Product Categories

Primary Antibodies

Primary and Secondary Antibodies

Boster Bio offers over 16,000 antibodies that have been validated for IHC, WB, ELISA, and FC in human, mouse, and rat samples. Rabbit and mouse monoclonal antibodies as well as rabbit polyclonal antibodies are available. Buy a primary antibody and get a secondary antibody for free!



More than 1,000 ELISA kits, both singleplex and multiplex, that have been cited 6,000+ times are available at Boster. We offer our Boster-branded Picokine™ ELISA kits (sandwich ELISA) and EZ-Set™ ELISA kits (DIY antibody pairs) in addition to many multiplex ELISA kits.


Recombinant Proteins

Boster provides a wide range of human, mouse, and rat recombinant proteins, which include cytokines, growth factors, chemokines, and many more. Our recombinant proteins have high stability, biological activity, and purity.

Boster Kit


Boster offers all the reagents you need for your immunostaining and western blotting experiments. We've got everything from buffers to lysates to kits, including our popular and well-cited BCA, CCK-8, and MTT assay kits.

Boster Support To Customers

Our expertise at your service

Our technical resources are free to access and download at your convenience, and our customer support is at your service within 24 hours. We take pride in our high standard of quality and we transparently share our validation data so you can get better data with less time, less money, and less frustration. Get better results with Boster!

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