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Learn about buffer recipes & find pre-made easy to use buffers packets for protein extraction, blocking, washing, and many more applications. Our buffers have been cited in over 6,000 publications.

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Citrate Buffer Powder

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The Buffers in science

Buffers are essential for several steps in many protocols to generate publishable data. Boster provides a wide range of general purpose buffers, extraction or lysis buffers, and blocking buffers as well as buffers specific for western blot, immunohistochemistry, ELISA, and other applications. Learn about what buffers can be used for different applications and see our buffer formulations for the most commonly used buffers.

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Buffer SKU Application Buffer Notes Buffer Recipe
Citrate Buffer Powder AR0024 IHC
  • IHC antigen retrieval reagent used in HIER to recover antigens masked by cross-linking during fixation
For 2000 mL (pH 6): 3g C6H8O7.H2, 20g C6H5Na3O7.2H2O
Phosphate Buffered Saline (PBS) Powder
  • AR0030
  • AR0020-E
  • AR1155
  • General purpose buffer
  • For dilution and/or washing
  • Used to keep balanced pH and ion concentration
For 2000mL: 17.6g NaCl, 6g Na2HPO4, 0.3g NaH2PO4
Tris Buffered Saline (TBS) Powder AR0031 WB, IHC, ELISA
  • General purpose buffer
  • For antibody dilution and/or washing
  • Background noise reduction in IHC
For 2000mL: 17g NaCl, 0.6g Tris, 2.4g Tris-HCl
Cell Lysis Buffer AR0103 WB, ELISA
  • Extraction/lysis buffer
  • Efficient extraction of total soluble protein in nondenatured state from mammalian cells
RIPA Lysis Buffer AR0105-100 WB, ELISA, IP
  • Extraction/lysis buffer
  • Complete cell lysis solution reagent used for rapid and efficient total cell lysis and solubilization of proteins from both adherent and suspension cultured mammalian cells
  • Effectively extracts cytoplasmic, nuclear, and membrane proteins
For 100mL: 50mM Tris•HCl pH 7.6, 150mM NaCl, 1% NP-40, 0.5% sodium deoxycholate, 0.1% SDS
IP Lysis Buffer AR0107 WB, ELISA, IP
  • Extraction/lysis buffer
  • Mammalian whole cell lysis buffer based on a modified RIPA buffer formulation without SDS
For 100mL: 25 mM Tris (pH7.4), 150 mM NaCl, 1% NP-40.
SDS-PAGE Protein Loading Buffer 2X (Reducing) AR0131-20 WB
  • Most commonly used sample buffer for SDS-PAGE of denatured proteins in the Laemmli SDS-PAGE system
For 20mL: 4% SDS, 20% glycerol, 200mM DTT, 0.01% bromphenol blue and 0.1 M Tris HCl, pH 6.8
SDS-PAGE Protein Loading Buffer 5X (Reducing)
  • AR1112
  • AR1112-20
  • Most commonly used sample buffer for SDS-PAGE of denatured proteins in the Laemmli SDS-PAGE system
10% SDS, 500mM DTT, 50% Glycerol, 250mM Tris-HCL and 0.5% bromophenol blue dye, pH 6.8
Enhanced WB Stripping Buffer AR0196 WB
  • Ready-to-use solution for removing primary and secondary antibodies from probed Western blot membranes to allow chemiluminescent Western blots to be reprobed
Normal Rabbit Serum (Blocking Solution) AR1010 WB, IHC, ELISA
  • Blocking buffer
  • Reduces background from non-specific binding
  • Control for most immunoassay applications
Antibody Diluent AR1016 WB, IHC, ELISA
  • General purpose buffer
  • Used to prepare primary antibodies (polyclonal & monoclonal)
  • Helps reduce background in IHC staining process
4% Paraformaldehyde (PFA) Solution in PBS AR1068 IHC
  • Ready-to-use solution for sample preparation and fixing cells for IHC
Sample Diluent Buffer AR1106-1 ELISA
  • Used to dilute samples
ABC Diluent Buffer AR1106-3 ELISA
  • For HRP complex dilution
Dual Color Protein Loading Buffer 4X
  • AR1142
  • AR1142-20
  • For the preparation of protein samples prior to SDS-PAGE
  • Used to monitor protein transfer during Western blotting
1X solution contains 100mM DTT, 2% SDS, 10% Glycerin, 50mM Tris, 250mM EDTA, 0.0125% Bromophenol blue, 0.0075% Pyronin Y
Tricine SDS Sample Buffer 2X AR1143-20 WB
  • Used to load low molecular weight proteins and peptides for SDS-PAGE analysis on polyacrylamide gels
1X solution contains 200 mM Tris, pH 6.8, 25% glycerol, 2% SDS, 100mM DTT, 0.04% Coomassie Blue G-250
Tris-Glycine SDS Running Buffer (10X) AR1146-10 WB
  • Electrophoresis buffer during the stacking and resolve process of SDS-PAGE
  • Separates proteins in their denatured state on Tris-Glycine gels
10X solution contains 25mM Tris,192mM glycine, 0.1%SDS, pH 8.6
Tris-Glycine Transfer Buffer (10X) AR1151-10 WB
  • For wet electrophoretic protein transfer from gel to blotting membrane
10X solution contains 25 mM Tris, 192 mM glycine, 0.1%SDS, pH 8.3
1.5M Tris-HCI, pH 8.8 AR1162 WB
  • Resolving gel buffer for casting polyacrylamide gels
1M Tris-HCI, pH 6.8 AR1163 WB
  • Stacking gel buffer for casting polyacrylamide gels
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