Gold Standard Quantitative or Real-TIme PCR Services

Quantitative PCR Services

Quantitative Real-time PCR (qPCR) is the gold standard for the precise nucleic acids quantification in genomics research, biologics testing and drug discovery. Our qPCR experts are excited to accelerate your research with Boster’s Fast, sensitive, and reliable service.

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Quantitative PCR Applications

Gene Expression

Identification of tumor cell lines for drug efficacy

DNA Quantification

Accurate copy number variation analysis

Biomarker Screening

Predicting a drug's response in animal or cellular models

Pharmacodynamic Determination

Analysis of time or dose dependency and mode of action


Stratification marker verification and allelic discrimination


Pathogen detection and quantification

Boster QPCR Advantages

End-to-end Workflow
from sample prep to data analysis

Assay Development Experts
qPCR primer design, optimization, and troubleshooting

High Throughput Capacity
qPCR solutions to rapidly scale pilot or exploratory projects

Complete CRO Service
qPCR combined with Boster's other services for a complete CRO service

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qPCR Services TImeline

  • RNA Isolation, Quantitation and Quality Assessment

    2 days

  • cDNA Synthesis via Reverse Transcription

    1 day

  • Primer Design, Synthesis and Validation

    1 week

  • Real-time PCR assay

    1 day

  • Data Analysis

    3 days

  • Total: 1-2 weeks

qPCR Sample Requirements

Sample Format Details
Total RNA RNA isolated from >1 million cells supplied in 1 ml TRIzol solution, please ship on dry ice
Cell Pellet Please prepare from >1 million mammalian cells, please ship on dry ice
cDNA 2ug of cDNA for each gene to be tested per sample (in TE buffer, at least 100 ng/ul)
Primers/Probes 100 ul of primers/probes at 100uM per target gene

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What is Quantitative or Real Time PCR?

Real-Time PCR (RT-PCR) or Quantitative PCR (qPCR) is a sensitive and reproducible method of determining the levels of gene expression in an organism. Simply put it is a way of finding out how much of a specific section of DNA is in a sample, in Real Time. Widely known as the “Gold Standard” for DNA and RNA quantification and genotyping, it can be used in the drug discovery process to quantify changes in mRNA expression of drug targets, PD markers or predictive biomarkers.

qPCR builds on the principal of PCR where amplification is achieved using nucleotides and primers, with fluorescent dyes or DNA probes added to detect PCR products as they are produced. Specific nucleic acids can be quantified by Absolute Quantification, by comparing the sample to a DNA standard to measure the exact number of target DNA molecules, or Relative Quantification using internal reference genes within the sample to determine the quantity of the target gene.

qPCR provides fast and high-throughput detection and quantification of target DNA sequences by lowering amplification and allowing simultaneous visualization of all newly formed DNA amplicons.

qPCR Related Services


Q1. What are the applications of qPCR?

There are multiple research applications based on qPCR. These include gene expression analysis, genotyping, allelic discrimination, single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) detection, microbe and pathogen detection, species abundance quantification and many others. Boster’s applications can be found here

PCR is the traditional amplification method used to identify the presence or absence of a DNA fragment. QPCR is used to quantify a particular fragment in a sample. Thus, PCR is a qualitative technique whereas qPCR is a quantitative technique. More information about qPCR can be found here

Q3. What are the sample requirements for my qPCR assay?

Sample requirements can vary depending on your project requirements and we would always recommend speaking with our Project Concierge, but as a general guideline please check our Sample Requirements as per this link

qPCR is a way of finding out how much of a specific section of DNA is in a sample, in Real Time. qPCR provides fast and high-throughput detection and quantification of target DNA sequences. Amplification time is lower and allowing simulaneous visualization of all newly formed DNA amplicons. More information on the key benefits can be found here