Boster Proteomics Tools for WB

Everything you need for Western Blotting from sample preparation to detection

Boster Bio provides all the quality reagents you need to perform Western blotting. Our WB workflow products include sample preparation buffers, like tissue lysis buffer and WB loading buffer, as well as total protein analysis kits/BCA kits, SDS-PAGE, substrate kits, NC membrane and many more. As a manufacturer of WB validated antibodies, we ensure our WB reagents and kits will help you obtain clean and specific bands for accurate characterization of antigens.

What is Western Blot?

Western blot is a commonly used analytical method in biology research to identify specific proteins of interests in biological samples. The sample undergoes protein denaturation with SDS-PAGE followed by gel electrophoresis. The SDS is chaotropic and coats the denatured peptides forming a negative charges coated complex. The larger the protein is, the slower it moves, thus the proteins in the sample is separated by size during electrophoresis. For more information please visit Western Blotting Principle page.

Products By Protocol Steps

Here is the general workflow for Western blotting.

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