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ANtibody conjugation service

Send Boster Bio your antibody and we can label it with a wide selection of conjugates with fast turnaround time. See available conjugates below. Get a quote today.

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Antibody Conjugation

Boster's custom antibody conjugation service combines decades of antibody expertise with a wide selection of labels, including biotin, HRP, and fluorescent dyes. Our proprietary conjugation technique uses a unique combination of methods to allow for homogeneous conjugation reaction with lower background and better stability over time.

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Conjugate Labels

Based on the goal of an experiment, different staining methods are used to dye the sections, so that various tissue components are stained different colors with dyes via chemical combination or physical adsorption. With our staining services, we provide more than forty staining methods that will suit a wide variety of experiments.

ConjugateEx (nm)Em (nm)Color
FITC (Fluorescein)494520
Alexa Fluor 488495519
PE (Phycoerythrin)496578
Alexa Fluor 594590617
Alexa Fluor 633632647
APC (Allophycocyanin)650660
PerCP (Peridinin Chlorophyll)482678
PerCP-Cy5.5 (PerCP-cyanine)482695
Alexa Fluor 700702723
DyLight 350353432
DyLight 488493518
DyLight 550562576
iFluor™ 350345450
iFluor™ 405403427
iFluor™ 430433498
iFluor™ 440434480
iFluor™ 450451502
iFluor™ 460468493
iFluor™ 488491516
iFluor™ 514511527
iFluor™ 532537560
iFluor™ 546541557
iFluor™ 555557570
iFluor™ 560560571
iFluor™ 568568587
iFluor™ 594588604
iFluor™ 597598618
iFluor™ 610610628
iFluor™ 633640654
iFluor™ 647656670
iFluor™ 660663678
iFluor™ 665667692
iFluor™ 670671682
iFluor™ 680684701
iFluor™ 690685704
iFluor™ 700690713
iFluor™ 710717739
iFluor™ 720716740
iFluor™ 740742764
iFluor™ 750757779
iFluor™ A7762782
iFluor™ 770777797
iFluor™ 780784808
iFluor™ 790787812
iFluor™ 800801820
iFluor™ 810811822
iFluor™ 820822850
iFluor™ 840836879
iFluor™ 860853878

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 Can you provide or order the antibody for me?

Yes, if you need to order an antibody, one option is to check Boster Bio's online catalog offering thousands of validated antibodies. We could also order your antibody from the vendor of your choice, but there may be additional shipping and handling fees to cover the associated costs and risks.

Q2 Are there any requirements for my antibody?

If the antibody is in liquid form, the concentration should be at least 1.0mg/mL. Antibodies should not contain any interfering substances such as BSA, Sodium Azide, glycine, etc.

Q3 Where and how do I send my antibody for conjugation?

Please ship your antibody on wet or dry ice.
Our address is: 3942 B Valley Ave,Pleasanton, CA, 94566

Q5 What is the lead time?

Lead times will vary depending on the product being conjugated and your validation requirements. Projects take 2 weeks to complete on average.

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