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In need of a custom antibody? Work with the Antibody Experts--Boster Bio has been making antibodies since 1993 and cited by 30,000+ publications for antibody based applications.

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Why Use Boster for your custom antibody projects

Because we are one of the largest antibody manufacturer with 3 decades of expertise

Our 30+ years of experience in custom antibody design and production will ensure you the best chance of getting a high affinity custom polyclonal antibody that works for your application. Since 1993, our team has produced over 10,000 rabbit polyclonal antibodies. All you need to provide is your target sequence and Boster gets to work.

Our team of experts will provide support for each step of antibody production - from antigen design to final antibody purification. You will be notified when each milestone is achieved. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to drop us an email at [email protected] and we’ll make sure you stay informed.

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What Makes A Good Antibody?

Boster Antigen design and expression overview


We will design the antigen using our decades of experience in immunogen design, taking consideration of a variety of factors including sequence homology, post-translational modification, secondary/tertiary structure and epitope localization.


We recombinantly express the antigen with our proprietary protein folding technique to ensure best tertiary structure accuracy of the antigen to the target protein’s natural form.

Available Hosts

Although this is a custom rabbit polyclonal service, alternative hosts such as guinea pig, chicken, and goat are available if needed for your project. Please inquire.



Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig





Custom Antibody Service Overview

Standard package starting from $1300. Additional services cost see section "ADDITIONAL SERVICES".


Recombinant antigen design


Immunization of 2 rabbits


Affinity purification and validation


3-5mg antibody, ELISA test report

Project Timeline

Below is a general timeline of a custom polyclonal antibody project. For any questions, please contact [email protected]

Milestone Start Day Description Deliverables
Pre-immune sera collection (optional) Day 0 (Optional) Pre-immune bleed 0.5ml per rabbit.
Plasmid synthesis Day 1 Synthesizing your antigen expression plasmid.
Recombinant antigen expression Day 14 Express your protein antigen recombinantly. (Optional) Pre-immune screening report
Immunization preparation Day 24 (Day 1 if you provide antigen) Preparing antigen with CFA or IFA, preparing rabbits.
Immunization 1st shot Day 31 2 New Zealand White Rabbits, 8-10 subcutaneous immune boost injections, 0.5mg of antigen total per rabbit.
Immunization 2nd shot Day 52 6-8 subcutaneous immune boost injections, 0.25mg of antigen total per rabbit.
Immunization 3rd shot Day 66 6-8 subcutaneous immune boost injections, 0.25mg of antigen total per rabbit.
Immunization 4th shot Day 81 6-8 subcutaneous immune boost injections, 0.25mg of antigen total per rabbit.
Sera collection, purification and ELISA test Day 95 Purify the anti-sera with antigen affinity chromatography, test the antibody via ELISA, decide to continue or terminate project based on the ELISA result and (optional) specific application test result. (Optional) A sample vial of antibody of custom amount for specific application validation.
Prepare antibody for shipping Day 102 Prepare antibodies for shipping, which may take 10-15 days. Deliver the final report to customer online.
  • ELISA test report, 3-5mg of the purified antibody.
  • *Guaranteed to have at least 3mg and at most 5mg. Additional antibody can be purchased.

Additional Services

Pre-immune screening

  • Order a vial of pre-immune serum for screening existing immunity against the target protein, and for control purposes.*
  • Price: $100 per rabbit, 1ml of serum, not purified

  • Order a vial of test serum after each of the immune booster shots to verify immune response’s antigen specificity and Ig isotypes.
  • Price: $50 per rabbit per bleed, 1ml of anti-serum, not purified

Additional rabbits

  • Order additional rabbits to improve the yield and success rate of your project. If the rabbit is positive and passes QC, 2mg of antibody will be added to your final deliverable.
  • Price: $200 per rabbit

Additional antibodies

  • If there are remaining antibodies from the batch, additional antibodies are available for purchase.
  • Price:
  • $150 for additional 100ug
  • $500 for additional 1mg
  • $1000 for additional 10mg (if available)

Blocking Peptide

  • If you require a blocking peptide for your developed antibody, we can help you with that.
  • Price: $150 for 1mg of blocking peptide

Recombinant Protein

  • If you want the recombinant protein we generated for you, you can purchase it from us.
  • Price: $200 for 1mg of purified recombinant protein. Inquire for bulk pricing.

Specific Application Insurance

  • Purchase an insurance for your antibody to work for certain applications.
  • Price: Custom, depending on the application and nature of the target protein

Intellectual Property & Exclusivity

  • If you intend to have exclusive rights for the produced antibodies, we can create a license that fits your needs.
  • Price: Custom, depending on the intended use of the antibody

*Why do I want pre-immune sera? Sometimes antibody immunization fails because some hosts have existing immunity towards your target protein of interest. This is especially common if the protein originated from organisms is related to common pathogens. Screening the hosts’ sera against your protein of interest can help mitigate this risk.


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