Caveolae-associated protein 4 (Cavin4)

Modulates the morphology of formed caveolae in cardiomyocytes, but is not required for caveolar formation. Facilitates the recruitment of MAPK1/3 to caveolae within cardiomyocytes and modulates alpha-1 adrenergic receptor-induced hypertrophic responses in cardiomyocytes via MAPK1/3 activation (PubMed:24567387).

Contributes to proper membrane localization and stabilization of caveolin-3 (CAV3) in cardiomyocytes (PubMed:26497963). Induces RHOA activation and activates NPPA transcription and myofibrillar organization through the Rho/ROCK signaling pathway (PubMed:18332105).