Delta-like protein 1 (Dll1)

Transmembrane ligand protein of NOTCH1, NOTCH2 and NOTCH3 receptors that binds the extracellular domain (ECD) of Notch receptor in a cis and trans fashion manner (PubMed:21985982, PubMed:10958687). After transinteraction, ligand cells create mechanical power that depends of a clathrin-mediated endocytosis, requiring ligand ubiquitination, EPN1 interaction, and actin polymerisation; these events promote Notch receptor extracellular domain (NECD) transendocytosis and activates Notch signaling through induction of cleavage, hyperphosphorylation, and nuclear accumulation of the intracellular domain of Notch receptors (NICD) (PubMed:10958687, PubMed:18676613).

Is necessary for embryonic development and maintenance of adult stem cells in many different tissues and immune systeme; the DLL1-induced Notch signaling is mediated via an intercellular communication that modulates cell lineage, cell specification, cell patterning and morphogenesis through effects on differentiation and proliferation (PubMed:17194759, PubMed:19562077, PubMed:18997111, PubMed:23695674, PubMed:16495313, PubMed:21238454, PubMed:22282195, PubMed:7671806, PubMed:17960184, PubMed:22529374, PubMed:19389377, PubMed:23699523, PubMed:19144989, PubMed:23688253, PubMed:23806616, PubMed:26114479, PubMed:22940113, PubMed:25220152, PubMed:20081190, PubMed:21572390, PubMed:22096075). Plays a role in brain development at different level, namely by regulating neuronal differentiation of neural precursor cells through cell-cell interaction, most likely through the lateral inhibitory system in an endogenous level dependent-manner (PubMed:7671806, PubMed:18997111).