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Need to validate antibodies for IHC, WB, ELISA, IF/ICC, or flow cytometry experiments? Let Boster's experts accelerate your research. As a leading antibody manufacturer since 1993, Boster Bio can provide...

  1. A dedicated project manager from start to finish
  2. Ready-to-use 200+ control samples available for validation
  3. Fast turnaround empowered by our scale and expertise
  4. Flexibility in accommodating custom requirements

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Service Overview

No More Tedious Antibody Validation Work

Our Experts Will Help You Validate Antibodies for IHC, ICC/IF, WB, ELISA & FCM

Whether you want to validate antibodies generated in-house or commercially available antibodies for your assays, the validation process can be time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating. We can take that hassle away from you. As an antibody manufacturer, Boster Bio has economies of scale and close relationships with other antibody companies, which allow us to perform antibody testing more cost effectively and efficiently. You can either send us the antibodies, or have us procure them for you. We'll handle the rest of the validation process, so you can progress through your research faster and save budget.

Control Lysates Available

We are also offer a large selection of ready-to-use cell lines and tissue lysates for your assay controls. Compared to acquiring these in-house, using our commercially available lysates could save months of cell culture work and tons of budget.

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We understand that it takes time to research and evaluate your options. Below, we share common factors to consider when deciding whether or not to outsource antibody validation and choosing which vendor to work with. We care about your success, and we are happy to give you personalized advices for free. Book a consultation call with us, so our antibody production experts can sort through your unique needs with you.

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3 Factors to Consider for Antibody Validation

When it comes to antibody validation, consider the factors below. Ask us anything.

  • Access to samples

    When outsourcing antibody validation, consider the panel of samples the vendor can provide to validate your antibody on. Boster Bio offers a wide range of cell lines and tissues from human, mouse, and rat. Check them out here.

  • Time & Cost Savings

    If you need more time to do your core research activities, outsourcing routine antibody validation processes will substantially free up your bandwidth. As a leading antibody manufacturer, Boster is capable of validating antibodies more efficiently with our economy of scale (that’s what we do every day). Over the past 3 decades in the industry, we have developed partnerships with many antibody companies who offer discounts to us, and we will be happy to pass the savings onto you.

  • Access to Expertise & Equipment

    When your project has special needs that require expensive equipment or additional expertise, consider outsourcing the antibody validation process to a well-equipped lab run by experts. At Boster, antibody validation is a daily routine our laboratory performs as we produce commercial antibodies and ELISA kits, so we carefully monitor our lab personnel, protocols, and equipment. Rest assured when you choose Boster solutions for your lab projects.

Got Samples?

We have over 200 cell lines and tissues available from human, mouse, and rat. Our lab routinely uses these cell and tissue lysates for our product validation and services.

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Boster Services VS. In-house

Boster Antibody Validation Service

Cost ++ Our cost is on the lower side
Turnaround +++ Typically 1-2 weeks
Service Level +++ Personal attention is our creed
Special Needs ++ We try our best
Logistics ++ Ship samples overnight
Credential +++ 30 years manufacturing antibodies

Do it in-house

Cost ??? In-house costs are hard to calculate
Turnaround +++ 2-3 days
Service Level -- Varies
Special Needs +++ Your needs are not special to you
Logistics +++ 2 days of hard work in the lab
Credential -- Varies

How to Work With Us?

Send Us Antibodies

Send us the antibodies of interest and let us know what application(s) you need the antibodies validated for. We can also procure the antibodies for you.

We Do the Testing

Boster will perform the testing to determine which antibodies work as expected. We offer standard packages for IHC, WB, ELISA, IF/ICC, and FCM.

Get Results

You will receive an antibody validation report to help you decide which antibody to use. We will send you the remaining antibodies.

Validated Antibodies Image Showcase

Below are some of the thousands of images we've developed internally and for our customers...

Featured Validation Services


Validate your antibody for paraffin-embedded immunohistochemistry on a single tissue or our 30 Tissue Microarray (TMA).

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Validate your antibody for frozen immunohistochemistry on a single tissue or our 30 Tissue Microarray (TMA). Contact us for a quote.

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Western Blotting

Still doing your western blotting in-house? Let us do it for you with over 200 tissues and cell line lysates available. Send us a message to learn more.

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Validate your antibody for immunofluorescence or immunocytochemistry on a single tissue or our 30 Tissue Microarray (TMA).

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Flow Cytometry

We provide the most common cell types for flow cytometry validation. Enriching your antibody data has never been easier. Contact us and find out more.

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We have 30 years of experience producing sandwich ELISA Kits. We can help you develop your antibodies pairs into ELISA kits or validate your antibodies for ELISA.

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Sample Report

Project Scope

Below is a sample antibody validation report our lab performed using Anti-SLC12A1 Antibody Picoband™ (PB9392) on 30+ samples from human, mouse, and rat.

Other Antibody Tests & Services


Q1. What is the price and turnaround time for the antibody validation service?

Please contact [email protected] for us to learn more about your project goals, which will help us determine the price and turnaround time.

Q2. Should I send you the antibodies or will you be searching and acquiring the antibodies for me?

Yes, you can send us the antibodies or request us to acquire them for you. We will do whichever you prefer.

Q3. Can I send samples to you to validate on?

Yes, you can send us samples to test the antibodies on. Our lab also has samples and you can browse the available samples here.

Q5. We would like to validate antibodies with some special conditions. Is this possible?

We put in the effort to accommodate special requests. Please send us a message to discuss your project.

Q6. Can you offer the antibody validation service under an NDA?

Yes, we can sign an NDA if it is necessary for your project.

Interested in the Antibody Validation Service?

Contact us to learn more about the service and pricing. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message.