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Are you tired of validating yet another antibody? Work with Boster Bio to accelerate your antibody hunting. We will handle procuring the antibodies, testing them on assays of choice, sending you the report on performance of each antibody, and sending you the remaining antibodies. Focus on your core research, and let us do the antibody hunting for you.

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Let Us Do the Tedious Antibody Testing For You

Our Experts will Help You test Antibodies for IHC, ICC/IF, WB, ELISA & FCM

We've heard from customers how they've wasted so much time and money on testing antibodies from various companies before finding an antibody (usually from Boster) that works for their samples and experiments. The whole process of purchasing (or requesting trial size antibodies) and testing multiple antibodies can be very time-consuming, expensive, and frustrating.

We want to help take that hassle away from you. Our economy of scale and close relationships with other antibody companies enable us to perform antibody testing more cost effectively and efficiently. Send us the targets and applications you are interested in and we'll handle the rest of the initial discovery process. We will do the antibody procurement and testing, so you can save time and money while shortening the cycle for on-boarding a new antibody.

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Workflow Overview

Send Us Targets

Send us the targets you're interested in and let us know what application(s) you need the antibodies validated for. Sample availability restrictions may apply.

We Do the Testing

Boster will procure the antibodies on your behalf and perform the testing to determine which antibodies work as expected.

Get Results

You will receive a detailed antibody validation report to help you decide which antibody to use. We'll send you the remaining antibodies.

Featured Validation Services


Validate your antibody for paraffin-embedded immunohistochemistry on a single tissue or our 30 Tissue Multiplex Array (TMA).

Starting at $80 per antibody.

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Validate your antibody for frozen immunohistochemistry on a single tissue or our 30 Tissue Multiplex Array (TMA).

Starting at $80 per antibody.

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Western Blotting

Still doing your western blotting in-house? Let us do it for you over 250 tissues and cell line lysates available.

Starting at $20 per lane (lysates included).

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Validate your antibody immunofluorescence or immunocytochemistry on a single tissue or our 30 Tissue Multiplex Array (TMA).

Starting at $80 per antibody.

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Flow Cytometry

We provide the most common cell-types for flow cytometry validation. Enriching your antibody data has never been easier.

Starting at $90 per antibody.

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We have 27+ years of experience producing sandwich ELISA Kits. We can help you develop your antibodies pairs into ELISA Kits or validate your antibodies for ELISA.

Starting at $50 per antibody.

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Validated Antibodies Image Showcase

Below are some of the thousands of images we've developed internally and for our customers

Tissue & Cell Catalogs for IHC-P

Human SamplesMouse SamplesRat Samples
Lung CancerBlood/PlasmaBlood/Plasma
Mammary CancerBoneBone
Intestinal CancerHeartHeart
Colon CancerLiverLiver
Rectal CancerSpleenSpleen
Placenta TissueLungLung
Renal CancerBrainBrain
Oesophagus Squama CancerColonColon
Gastric CancerRectumRectum
Thyroid CancerStomachStomach
Prostatic CancerCardiaCardia
Pancreatic CancerPylorusPylorus
Liver CancerThymusThymus
MelanomaAdrenal GlandAdrenal Gland
Ambulant AdenocarcinomaSkeletal MuscleSkeletal Muscle
Endometrial CarcinomaOvaryOvary
Ovarian CancerLymph NodeLymph Node
Adrenal CarcinomaEye BallEye Ball
SarcomaCardiac MuscleCardiac Muscle
B Lymphocytic TumorSkinSkin
Skin CancerTracheaTrachea
Skeletal Muscle TissueSpinal CordSpinal Cord
Paraffin Embedded TissuePrice
Single Tissue$80
Tissue Array (30 tissues)$90
Single Tissue (Leica Scanning)$100
Tissue Array (30 tissues) (Leica Scanning)$110

Interested in the Antibody Validation Service?

Contact us to learn more about the service and pricing. If you have any questions, feel free to send us a message.