DnaJ homolog subfamily B member 2 (DNAJB2)

Functions as a co-chaperone, regulating the substrate binding and activating the ATPase activity of chaperones of the HSP70/heat shock protein 70 family (PubMed:7957263, PubMed:22219199). In parallel, also results in the ubiquitin- dependent proteasomal degradation of misfolded proteins (PubMed:15936278, PubMed:21625540).

Thereby, may regulate the aggregation and promote the functional recovery of misfolded proteins like HTT, MC4R, PRKN, RHO and SOD1 and be crucial for many biological processes (PubMed:12754272, PubMed:20889486, PubMed:21719532, PubMed:22396390, PubMed:24023695). Isoform 1 which is localized to the endoplasmic reticulum membranes may specifically be the ER-associated protein degradation of misfolded proteins (PubMed:15936278).