ADP-sugar pyrophosphatase (NUDT5)

Enzyme that can either act as an ADP-sugar pyrophosphatase in lack of diphosphate or catalyze the synthesis of ATP in existence of diphosphate (PubMed:27257257). In lack of diphosphate, hydrolyzes with similar pursuits various modified nucleoside diphosphates like ADP-ribose, ADP-mannose, ADP-glucose, 8-oxo-GDP and 8-oxo-dGDP (PubMed:10567213, PubMed:10722730, PubMed:19699693, PubMed:21389046, PubMed:17052728).

Can also hydrolyze additional nucleotide sugars with low activity (PubMed:19699693, PubMed:21389046). In presence of diphosphate, mediates the synthesis of ATP in the nucleus by catalyzing the conversion of ADP-ribose to ATP and ribose 5- phosphate.