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SKU AR0105
Pack size 50ml
Form Solution (liquid)
Applications Western blotting, ELISA, immunofluorescence, Immunoprecipitation; protein purification; SDS-PAGE; protein assays; epitope tagging; reporter gene analysis


Product Name RIPA Lysis Buffer
Synonyms RIPA buffer; Radio-immunoprecipitation assay buffer, RIPA Lysis and Extraction Buffer
Description RIPA Lysis Buffer is a complete cell lysis solution reagent used for rapid and efficient total cell lysis and solubilization of proteins from both adherent and suspension cultured mammalian cells, effectively extracting cytoplasmic, nuclear and membrane proteins. RIPA lysis buffer is highly compatible with various downstream protein analysis applications.
Application Western blotting, ELISA, immunofluorescence, Immunoprecipitation; protein purification; SDS-PAGE; assays for protein expression, activity, modification, profiling, characterization and quantitative measurement; epitope tagging; reporter gene analysis
Pack Size 50 ml
Reagent Type Western Blotting related reagent; Cell lysis buffer; Universal tissue extraction buffer; Detergent solution
Content 1% NP-40, 0.5% Sodium deoxycholate, 0.1% SDS
Usage Extraction of cytoplasmic, membrane and nuclear proteins


Form Supplied Ready-to-use 1X solution
Physical State Liquid
Pack Size 50 ml
Recommended working concentration 10 ml RIPA Lysis Buffer per gram of tissue
0.5 ml RIPA Lysis Buffer per 5.0x106 cells in suspension
0.5 ml RIPA Lysis Buffer per 5.0x106 adherent mammalian cells
0.5-1 ml RIPA lysis buffer per subconfluent monolayer on a 100 mm plate
Compatibility with reagents Fully compatible with Broad Spectrum Protease Inhibitor Cocktail and Broad Spectrum Phosphatase Inhibitor Cocktail
Storage Store at 4˚C for one year.

Chemical Information

Component: Effects:
NP-40 Non-ionic detergent to extract proteins
Sodium deoxycholate Ionic detergent to extract membrane proteins
SDS Ionic detergents to extract proteins

Usage and Handling

FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. NOT FOR DIAGNOSTIC AND CLINICAL USE. RIPA lysis buffer is highly compatible with immunoassays, protein purification procedures, immunoprecipitation, and western blotting.


RIPA lysis extraction buffer contains non-ionic and ionic detergents which are able to extract protein from wide variety of cell types and membrane structures. RIPA buffer ensures efficient cell lysis and protein solubilization preventing protein degradation and interference with protein immunoreactivity and biological activity. Since most antibodies and protein antigens are not adversely affected by the components of this solution, RIPA buffer-conducted protein extraction is compatible with various downstream immunoprecipitation and molecular pull-down assays. RIPA buffer reagent minimizes non-specific protein-binding interactions to keep background low, while allowing most specific interactions to occur, enabling studies of relevant protein-protein interactions.

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RIPA Lysis Buffer
RIPA Lysis Buffer (AR0105)
50 mL per pack, Solution (liquid)
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Customer Q&As

Q: Can I use this buffer for tissue lysate preparation in ELISA? Keywords: protocol, alternative buffer, applications
A: Yes, RIPA lysis buffer can be used for tissue lysate preparation in ELISA.
Q: What is the RIPA Lysis Buffer (SKU: AR0105 ) composed of? Keyword: ingredients, composition
A: It is composed of SDS, NP-40, Sodium deoxycholate and 0.02% Sodium azide.