Anamorsin (CIAPIN1)

Component of the cytosolic iron-sulfur (Fe-S) protein assembly (CIA) machinery required for the maturation of extramitochondrial Fe-S proteins. Part of an electron transfer chain working in an early step of cytosolic Fe-S biogenesis, facilitating the de novo assembly of a [4Fe-4S] cluster on the scaffold complex NUBP1-NUBP2.

Electrons are transferred to CIAPIN1 from NADPH via the FAD- and FMN-containing protein NDOR1 (PubMed:23596212). NDOR1-CIAPIN1 are also required for the assembly of the diferric tyrosyl radical cofactor of ribonucleotide reductase (RNR), likely by supplying electrons for reduction during radical cofactor maturation from the catalytic small subunit (By similarity).