Cullin-7 (CUL7)

Core part of the 3M complex, a complex required to regulate microtubule dynamics and genome integrity. It is unclear how the 3M complex regulates microtubules, it could act by controlling the level of a microtubule stabilizer (PubMed:24793695).

Interaction with CUL9 is required to inhibit CUL9 activity and ubiquitination of BIRC5 (PubMed:24793696). Core component of a Cul7-RING ubiquitin-protein ligase with FBXW8, which mediates ubiquitination and consequent degradation of target proteins such as GORASP1, IRS1 and MAP4K1/HPK1 (PubMed:21572988, PubMed:24362026).