ATP-dependent DNA helicase DDX11 (DDX11)

DNA-dependent ATPase and ATP-dependent DNA helicase that participates in a variety of roles in genomic stability, including DNA replication, DNA repair and heterochromatin organization in addition to in ribosomal RNA synthesis (PubMed:10648783, PubMed:21854770, PubMed:23797032, PubMed:26089203, PubMed:26503245). Its double-stranded DNA helicase activity requires either a minimal 5'-single-stranded tail length of approximately 15 nt (flap substrates) or 10 nt length single- stranded gapped DNA substrates of a partial duplex DNA structure for helicase loading and translocation along DNA in a 5' to 3' direction (PubMed:18499658, PubMed:22102414).

The helicase activity is capable of displacing duplex regions up to 100 bp, which can be extended up to 500 bp from the replication protein A (RPA) or the cohesion CTF18-replication factor C (Ctf18-RFC) complex activities (PubMed:18499658). Shows also ATPase- and helicase actions on substrates that mimic key DNA intermediates of replication, repair and homologous recombination reactions, including forked duplex, anti-parallel G-quadruplex and three- stranded D-loop DNA molecules (PubMed:22102414, PubMed:26503245).