DNA replication ATP-dependent helicase/nuclease DNA2 (DNA2)

Involved in Okazaki fragments processing by cleaving long flaps that escape FEN1: flaps which are more than 27 nucleotides are coated by replication protein A complex (RPA), leading to recruit DNA2 that cleaves the flap until it's too brief to bind RPA and becomes a substrate for FEN1. Also included in 5'-end resection of DNA during double- strand break (DSB) repair: recruited by BLM and mediates the cleavage of 5'-ssDNA, while the 3'-ssDNA cleavage is prevented by the presence of RPA.

Also involved in DNA replication checkpoint independently of Okazaki fragments processing. Possesses different enzymatic activities, such as single-stranded DNA (ssDNA)- dependent ATPase, 5'-3' helicase and endonuclease activities.