Glutamine synthetase (GLUL)

Glutamine synthetase that catalyzes the ATP-dependent conversion of glutamate and ammonia to glutamine (PubMed:30158707, PubMed:16267323). Its role depends on tissue localization: in the mind, it regulates the amount of toxic ammonia and converts neurotoxic glutamate to harmless glutamine, whereas in the liver, it's one of the enzymes responsible for the removal of ammonia (By similarity).

Essential for proliferation of fetal skin fibroblasts (PubMed:18662667). Independently of its glutamine synthetase activity, required for endothelial cell migration during vascular development: functions by regulating membrane localization and activation of the GTPase RHOJ, possibly by promoting RHOJ palmitoylation (PubMed:30158707).