Excitatory amino acid transporter 3 (SLC1A1)

Sodium-dependent, high-affinity amino acid transporter that mediates the uptake of L-glutamate and also L-aspartate and D-aspartate (PubMed:7914198, PubMed:7521911, PubMed:8857541, PubMed:26690923, PubMed:21123949). Can also transport L-cysteine (PubMed:21123949).

Functions as a symporter that transports a single amino acid molecule together with three or two Na(+) ions and a single proton, in parallel with the counter-transport of a single K(+) ion (PubMed:7521911, PubMed:8857541, PubMed:26690923). Mediates Cl(-) flux that is not coupled to amino acid transport; this avoids the accumulation of negative charges due to aspartate and Na(+) symport (PubMed:8857541, PubMed:26690923).