Steroid hormone receptor ERR2 (ESRRB)

Isoform 3: Transcription factor that binds a canonical ESRRB recognition (ERRE) sequence 5'TCAAGGTCA-3' localized on promoter and enhancer of targets genes regulating their expression or their transcription activity (PubMed:17920186, PubMed:19755138). Plays a role, in a LIF-independent manner, in maintainance of self-renewal and pluripotency of embryonic and trophoblast stem cells via different signaling pathways such as FGF signaling pathway and Wnt signaling pathways.

Upon FGF signaling pathway activation, interacts with KDM1A by directly binding to enhancer website of ELF5 and EOMES and activating their transcription resulting in self-renewal of trophoblast stem cells. Also regulates expression of multiple rod-specific genes and is required for survival of this cell type (By similarity).