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    Antibody Diluent for Western Blotting (AR1017)

    • Specific References (2)
    Size:500 mL (50 assays)
    Application:This diluent is used used to dilute the primary or secondary antibody when performing Western Blot.

    Aqueous Mounting Medium (AR1018)

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    Size:10mL X5 (Enough for 800-1200 assays)
    Application:ICC/IF, IHC-F, IHC-P, In situ hybridization
    Description:Boster’s Aqueous Mounting Medium is used to immobilize coverslip over section tissues in immunocytochemical staining.

    Antibody Diluent for Immunohistochemistry (AR1016)

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    Size:100 mL (for 10000-15000 assays)
    Application:This diluent is used in preparation of primary antibodies (polyclonal & monoclonal) in immunohistochemistry (IHC). This buffer helps to reduce background in IHC staining process.

    IHC Enzyme Antigen Retrieval Reagent (AR0022)

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    SKU AR0022
    Pack size 50 mL (for 500-750 assays)
    Form SuppliedSolution (liquid)
    Applications IHC
    PEFF tissues

    Citrate Buffer Powder (AR0024)

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    SKU AR0024
    Pack size 2000mL/pack
    Form Dry-blend powder, sufficient to make 2000mL of Citrate Buffer
    Applications IHC-P, HIER, PEFF tissues

    4% Paraformaldehyde (PFA) Solution in PBS (AR1068)

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    Size500 mL
    ApplicationPreserving Samples, Fixing Cells For Histology
    Physical StateThe solution should be clear, colorless, with no precipitate.
    Description4% Paraformaldehyde solution in PBS is a ready to use solution used for sample preparation for fixing cells for immunohistochemistry (IHC).

    Poly-L-Lysine Coated Slides (AR1065)

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    Size:50 slides/box
    Application:Cell smear, IHC-F and IHC-P

    (APTES)3-Triethoxysilylpropylamine (AR0001)

    • Specific References (3)
    Size10 mL (sufficient for coating 100-200 slides)
    Physical StateLiquid
    ApplicationTo treat the glass slide before mounting tissue sections during immunohistochemistry (IHC)

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