14-3-3 zeta (Phospho-Ser58) Colorimetric Cell-Based ELISA Kit

The 14-3-3 zeta (Phospho-Ser58) Cell-Based ELISA Kit is a convenient, lysate-free, high throughput and sensitive assay kit that can monitor 14-3-3 zeta (Phospho-Ser58) protein expression profile in cells. The kit can be used for measuring the relative amounts of 14-3-3 zeta (Phospho-Ser58) in cultured cells as well as screening for the effects that various treatments, inhibitors (ie. siRNA or chemicals), or activators have on 14-3-3 zeta (Phospho-Ser58).

14-3-3 zeta (Phospho-Ser58) Colorimetric Cell-Based ELISA Kit Info At A Glance

SKU: EKC1934
Size: 1 kit, containing 2 plates and all necessary reagents
Reactivity: Human, Mouse, Rat
Sample Type: Cells
Sample Volume: 100μl per well
Sensitivity: >5000 cells
Assay Range: > 5000 Cells

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